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“The Truth Hammer”: 37% more truth than the competition!

October 14, 2011 by  
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Do you know K-Roc “the Truth Hammer”?

There are many options for one to try to learn about the world and current events. Why not pick a source which deeply studies the monetary system. One which goes far further than Ron Paul? The People have been battling the “money changers” for thousands of years. Not just since 1913. is one of only a few which discusses the fraud of the Rothschild’s gold/silver standard. Did you know that NO NATION which has used silver and gold money has remained sovereign?  We talk about it. So get your friends to subscribe!

Mind control: When multiple Presidents talk about the New World Order that is normal. If we the People talk about it; that is a conspiracy theory.

Do you still have the capacity to resist tyranny? Americans have been very domesticated by design. We have been taught to blame other slaves for our enslavement just like the slave masters planned. Can the slaves learn to put their differences behind them and UNITE?

Let music from the “Uprising” inspire you! The Uprising by Muse.


Please get on to where you’ll find K-Roc the “Truth Hammer” who will be glad to speak on any topics covered on this site. He has deep knowledge of military history, gold/silver investing, usury, population control, NWO, survival construction, solar power, etc.  The link is on the tool bar.

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