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We have launched 5 local currencies in 8 months.

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Starting local currencies is easy and fun.

This weekend we are launching the Volunteer for Tennessee.

The “Music City Liberty Festival” will be 11.3.12 in Nashville. is the organic currency for Volunteer State.
The Volunteer currency for Tennessee

Summit Girls for Truth talk about
Summit Girls for Truth: \”The Paris, and Nicole of Monetary Reform\”


In order to emancipate ourselves we must use our own money,

and stop paying debts based on force, and fraud.

“Jubilee, Let it Be”
A step-by-step, musical plan to save the world.

Enlightened Hip-Hop Artists: “Wandering Monks”

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Please go to and LIKE the enlightened hip-hop artists: “Wandering Monks”

THEN purchase and listen to their truly excellent music which will be the sound track for the Love Revolution and the Jubilee 2012 movement!

Checkout our radio show which promotes DEEP monetary truth, music, and REAL SOLUTIONS which the People can take action on today.

It’s time for the Tea Party, Occupy, and Ron Paul Revolution to UNITE against their common enemy:  USURY

Usury is the original sin of the world’s economic and monetary problems.

“Unite or Die”

Wayne Walton n George Whitehurst Berry on Jubilee and Wandering Monks Concert