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Ezra Pound: poet, peace activist arrested for exposing how private usury financed each side of WWII.

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Ezra Pound was one of the most prominent poets in the world. He mentored Nobel Poet Laureates T.S Elliot, James Joyce, Robert Frost and Ernest Hemingway. He was also very knowledgeable of how Jews, Christians and Muslims each forbid usury/interest/riba before being corrupted by the “money power”.

Pound also knew the the “money power” finances each side of war. The Beast has financed a war on humanity for 1000′s of years through divide and conquer. The Beast is anti-human and lacks human empathy.

The “money power” charges interest/riba/usury on gold, silver, paper or digits. We become debt slaves with big, small or even no government. Usury creates un-payable contracts so that are lands are seized through “theft through color of law”.

During WWII Pound went to Italy to expose how war was being engineered by private usury. He performed radio broadcasts to wage peace. FDR, Stalin and Hitler were each financed by private usury which was legal throughout the world. It was not 600 years prior. Governments are puppets to private bankers.

Once the US invaded Italy Pound was arrested as a “traitor”. Bank puppets FDR, Truman and Ike kept him in a mental institution/prison for 13 years.

An escorting officer’s impression was that “he is an intellectual ‘crackpot’ who imagined that he could correct all the economic ills of the world and who resented the fact that ordinary mortals were not sufficiently intelligent to understand his aims and motives.

While in prison Pound hired Eustace Mullins to write an expose’ about the Federal Reserve AND usury. Mullin’s “Secrets of the Temple” exposed how the private usurers engineered wars with gold, silver and paper. Mullin’s work would later be plagiarized to blame paper rather than usury. Private usury’s hegemony is not threatened by simply “ending the Fed” and using gold/silver.

Pound, like Christ, was sacrificed by the “money changers” for telling the truth. Usury is the destruction of humanity by the “den of thieves”.

How many of our “leaders” today speak of usury? Do they support YOU, or the “money power”? Usury is the litmus test for “loyal opposition”.

Who is telling you the truth? Use this test for music, poetry, economics, monetary reform, news, law. It is essential that we expose private usury. We must do so for humanity to remove itself from debt slavery, and become sovereign once again.

Private usury scripts our dystopian future with austerity and a zombie apocalypse. Alternatively, a debt Jubilee and usury-free monetary system offer MASSIVE, immediate abundance. Abundance allows for us to express our unique human artistry. We can work a 15-20 week year in the vocation of our passion.

Please listen to Ezra Pound recite his beautiful canto “Usura”. Usury debt destroys human artistry and sets us into bondage to Mammon. Usury requires humanity to become debt slaves with little worth, or artistry. Gold, silver, FRN’s mammon, and materialism become god instead of the human spirit.  \”Usura\” read by Ezra Pound

Canto XLV
With Usura

With usura hath no man a house of good stone
each block cut smooth and well fitting
that design might cover their face,
with usura
hath no man a painted paradise on his church wall
harpes et luz
or where virgin receiveth message
and halo projects from incision,
with usura
seeth no man Gonzaga his heirs and his concubines
no picture is made to endure nor to live with
but it is made to sell and sell quickly
with usura, sin against nature,
is thy bread ever more of stale rags
is thy bread dry as paper,
with no mountain wheat, no strong flour
with usura the line grows thick
with usura is no clear demarcation
and no man can find site for his dwelling.
Stonecutter is kept from his tone
weaver is kept from his loom
wool comes not to market
sheep bringeth no gain with usura
Usura is a murrain, usura
blunteth the needle in the maid’s hand
and stoppeth the spinner’s cunning. Pietro Lombardo
came not by usura
Duccio came not by usura
nor Pier della Francesca; Zuan Bellin’ not by usura
nor was ‘La Calunnia’ painted.
Came not by usura Angelico; came not Ambrogio Praedis,
Came no church of cut stone signed: Adamo me fecit.
Not by usura St. Trophime
Not by usura Saint Hilaire,
Usura rusteth the chisel
It rusteth the craft and the craftsman
It gnaweth the thread in the loom
None learneth to weave gold in her pattern;
Azure hath a canker by usura; cramoisi is unbroidered
Emerald findeth no Memling
Usura slayeth the child in the womb
It stayeth the young man’s courting
It hath brought palsey to bed, lyeth
between the young bride and her bridegroom
They have brought whores for Eleusis
Corpses are set to banquet
at behest of usura.

N.B. Usury: A charge for the use of purchasing power, levied without regard to production; often without regard to the possibilities of production. (Hence the failure of the Medici bank.) Usury is ANY interest/riba on money creation or lending.


usury.ezra .pound  208x300 Ezra Pound: poet, peace activist arrested for exposing how private usury financed each side of WWII.

We have launched 5 local currencies in 8 months.

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Starting local currencies is easy and fun.

This weekend we are launching the Volunteer for Tennessee.

The “Music City Liberty Festival” will be 11.3.12 in Nashville. is the organic currency for Volunteer State.
The Volunteer currency for Tennessee

Summit Girls for Truth talk about
Summit Girls for Truth: \”The Paris, and Nicole of Monetary Reform\”


In order to emancipate ourselves we must use our own money,

and stop paying debts based on force, and fraud.

“Jubilee, Let it Be”
A step-by-step, musical plan to save the world.

Jubilee 2012 victory THIS year. Join the

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Press the link below to sample the peaceful, REVOLUTIONARY radio show which is creating a movement:        GWB.Monks.edited.32112

Are YOU a keeper, or abolitionist of usury?


Weekly Wednesday national radio show committed to the Jubilee 2012 movement!

The show is on right before Alex Jones on the same network.

Free listen line.760-569-7709.


Universal debt Jubilee 2012.
Learn about it and join here.

“The people crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ONLY ones who ever do”   –  Let’s create a real-life miracle THIS YEAR!


Do you like the nuts, and bolts of monetary theory? Don’t expect the truth about money from politicians, bankers, or the press-titutes.

Architects and Engineers for Money Truth

Video: Christ Crucified for Exposing Usury. New radio show!

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Jesus got violent one time. For exposing the “money changers” scam of usury he paid with his body.

The Bible recommends a universal debt Jubilee for societies enslaved by compounding debt born of usury.

LOL! Be prepared to turn the speakers down when I sing.


Please checkout our new USURY FREE radio weekly radio broadcast each Wed prior to the Alex Jones show on the same network. 11am Eastern each Wednesday. One can listen over the phone too.


“Crash are You Ready” with George Whitehurst Berry. I will cohost with him weekly for at least the next 6 months. Please tune in and spread the word. REAL MONETARY DEBATE. REAL SOLUTIONS FOR VICTORY THIS YEAR. We can have FAR MORE money, banking, and lending without interest/usury/riba. Free listen live number then archived for 23 hours. 760-569-7709

More Details:


Host George Whitehurst Berry/Wayne Walton of This show is DEDICATED TO SPECIFIC monetary reform solutions that the People can put into affect TODAY without waiting for a corrupt vote from bought/vestigial politicians. This show is on the 1 hour time slot prior to Alex Jones on

Airs Live on Wednesdays from 11:00 AM -12 Noon (EST) 9:00 AM -10:00 AM (MT)
 Call In Number: 855-660-4261 
Listen Line Tel: 760-569-7709

This show will be unlike any full time/regular radio broadcast. Why?

1. It will identify interest/usury/riba as the original sin of the worlds economic and monetary problems. No society/nation which permits interest/usury/riba will remain sovereign. Why? Foreclosures, bankruptcies, and loss of sovereignty are a mathematic certainty over time.

Jesus was killed by the “money changers” for exposing their usury scam.

2. It will correctly identify how interest/usury/riba on gold/silver/paper/digits is the real problem behind money creation/lending . The “money changers” can bankrupt societies even on gold/silver with 100% reserves. They can do this with big govt, small govt, or even no government.

3. It will show how the “money changers” can cloak themselves/hire dis-info agents as “9.11 truthers”, Statists, commies, socialists, Constitutionalists, peace activists, zionists, anti-zionists, Holocaust deniers(or not), WAC’ers, pacifists, Yogis, anarchists, Christians, Muslims, Jews, atheists, pro-choice, pro-life, former military activist, military, anti-military, open/closed border supporter, Occupier, Tea Partier, banker, or anti-banker. 

The “money changers” REQUIRE interest/usury/riba parasitism to survive. As long as we focus on ANY OTHER ISSUE they are free to feed on the People’s commercial energy.

If the People FOCUS on this issue like a laser, understand the problem, and the MASSIVE POTENTIAL for immediate abundance they can become prosperous like very few times in human history.

Societies in the past which did not permit usury allowed for 1 bread winner to work 3 days a week. Why? Compounding interest was not stealing their commercial energy!

4. We will correctly identify that the US corporation(1871) is a bankrupt(1933) war democracy operating under emergency powers since the South walked out on Congress(1861). When any entity is in bankruptcy, the creditor(Fed) makes the decisions, and the corporate president is merely vestigial. 

Corporate presidents have a fiduciary responsibility to raise money for shareholders, not protect natural rights. Additionally, US citizens are corporate subsidiaries/franchisees of the US corporation. Fictitious entities(US Citizens) have no natural rights. Just by registering to vote we testify we we are US Citizens, and confirm that we are debt slaves.

5. We will correctly identify that our elections, and politicians are just phony actors in a grand act of political theater. YES, YOUR GUY TOO. The “money changers” have been in power for 1000′s of years, finance both sides of wars, and initiate hundreds of “false flags”. They FINANCE all sides of conflicts. They are masters of deception, theater, and control. The “false left-right” paradigm is a much stronger 3 sided control triangle to keep the sheep on the NWO plantation.

6. Leaders offer solutions. Fear mongers are tools. This show is dedicated to RADICAL INNOVATION of the world’s monetary systems which can offer abundance THIS YEAR. 2012 Jubilee, and the abolition of usury. The “money changers” artificially suppress or human potential via interest/usury/riba. Just like they with-hold free energy technology. Money is just a technology which can be used for good, or evil.

7. We intend to radically innovate money creation/lending. There is no reason to pay interest/usury/riba. We can buy almost 3 houses for the same energy we use to pay off one today. Additionally, we can fund a voluntary society through a fee based lending system for homes. IE: no income taxes/property taxes/victimless crimes. 

EX: On $110k borrowed, the borrower would receive $100k. $5k to bank. $5k to social programs. The borrower would pay back ONLY $110k. This is sustainable as $110k of debt is created, and $110k money invented. Interest free loans are being created already on a very small scale in Ithaca, NY for 20 years now.

8. We are not just posting/talking/complaining/occupying/whining about problems. “talk is cheap” We have already initiated our plan for a local currency modeled after Ithaca, NY’s 20 year old system.

9. A step by step plan for the universal debt Jubilee can be found at Hint: hire the sheriff with the local currency so he will work for the People to end income/property taxes/foreclosures/victimless crimes.

10. The People creating their own money to harness their own commercial energy! What is MORE revolutionary than that? This is a true grass roots revolution which cannot be co-opted as YOU AND YOUR NEIGHBORS control/create/distribute money.

E=mc2 means we are all just energy. Who harnesses yours?

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E=mc2 means we are all just concentrated energy. Who harnesses it?

E=mc2 means that the only thing that exists in the universe is mass and energy. Who parasitically harnesses yours? Conservation of energy means that We The People are merely concentrated energy which has temporarily formed into mass. Although this energy is concentrated it still vibrates. Do YOU give off positive, or negative vibes?

In geologic time our lives pass in a blink of an eye. Why would we spend such precious time in fear, and lack? Who has “engineered scarcity”? Who lives parasitically off our productive energy?

Are YOU a producer, or a parasite?

Shouldn’t the PRODUCERS in any society be rewarded far more for their toil than the parasites? Since only bankers can invent their product they have enormous power. Today, a banker will use our energy to create funds for a loan. The banker cannot do this without the commercial energy of the borrower.

For example: on $100k loaned the parasitic banker will receive $250k in payments over 30 years. The builder/producer will typically make about $30k for 2 months of toil. The banker is into profit after the very first payment. What’s worse is that this power becomes evil when usury/interest is attached to debt which makes it un-payable.

Usury is a mathematic fraud like a Ponzi which will always create victims even on gold/silver money.

What is the solution?

The People must remove the energy from the parasitic system which FORCES them to submit. Then put their energy into a system which listens to them. Organic money listens to the locals, not the globalists. Organic money destroys globalist bank tyranny.

People are often frightened to embrace local money as they believe it is technologically backward. Not true.

1. As the money is based on time which is a universally known quantity; local currency can be traded between systems. An hour in Ithaca, NY is equal to an hour in Summit County, CO, or Calgary, CA.

2. Without interest/usury parasitism we can have more money as it is just SPENT into circulation once energized by the voluntary collective.

3. With a universal debt Jubilee the People will own their assets free and clear, and be “creditors”. People without debt are free of the rat race and can choose a vocation that is their passion. And they can stay home and raise their children.

4. With interest/usury free lending we can have more money, loans and banking. It will be MORE MODERN than today. How? Currently, the mortgage broker/local bank/funder make 5 points on a loan. We can set up a similar compensation plan without interest/usury.

Example: For a $100k home purchase we will create $105k in funds AND debt. The borrower gets $100k, the mortgage broker/local bank/funder will get $5k. The borrower will pay back $105k rather than ~$250k.

As this is a voluntary society based on the “non-aggression principle” we don’t have income and property tax(theft/parasitism). How will we fund existing social programs and pensions etc?

In the above example we used 5 points to compensate the broker/banker. What if we used 10 points instead. 5 points would go toward social programs. Possibly 2 points for SS/pensions, 2 points for schools, and 1 point for roads. With 1000′s of local currencies, their will be that many systems which benefit the local people. It is their energy which energizes the funds, so they should decide.

The People will only pay taxes through voluntary transactions. One can live a life of leisure with no income or property taxes in a house which is owned free and clear.

“Life is just a ride”- comedian Bill Hicks

billhicks.itsjustaride 286x300 E=mc2 means we are all just energy. Who harnesses yours?

"It's just a ride" Life is fleeting, why not just chose love and abundance?

Why do we chose to live it in fear and lack? Why don’t we make it a fun, and beautiful game? Why don’t we simply choose abundance, and love?

All these changes can occur without violence, and without force. This is NOT some hippy liberal idea….only. The Bible supports a universal debt Jubilee for any society which has been victimized by interest/usury/fraud.

With technology we can turn this plan into action THIS YEAR. We can have abundance THIS YEAR. With loving, patriotic, united, activists in the Tea Party, and Occupy movements we can create a REAL LIFE MIRACLE! With technology, email, Facebook, and Twitter we can create the miracle THIS YEAR. Only the OLD WORLD will end in 2012.

2012 is the year where the People took their power(energy) back!

What will it cost(energy) the People for all of these benefits?

All they must do is change the color of their money!

The most ingenious ideas are the simplest. Ask Albert!


Has a brushfire in your mind been lit?


Long live the Republic and Free Humanity!


Organic Money Created Debt-Free Destroys Globalism

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Language Warning!!!

K Roc on the capitol steps at Occupy Denver last month.

Checkout the 2 hour note of Summit County Colorado(Breckenridge). Each hour is roughly equivalent to 10 private debt based, globalist, fascist Federal Reserve Notes. This local/organic currency DESTROYS globalism. This local currency is issued debt/usury free and based on a commodity which even the poor anywhere have “time”. “Time is money” and can be exchanged anywhere as everyone knows how much is in an hour. Ithaca, NY has had a time based local currency for 20 years and they offer interest free loans!

mtnhours.summit2hr1.2 300x127 Organic Money Created Debt Free Destroys Globalism

Local, organic currency issued debt free destroys the New World Order central bankers tyranny.

Will the banker’s usury scam end when YOUR favorite politician gets elected? We all know that the bankers are our real government. Whoever controls the monetary system of any society is the real government. This MASSIVE power must be distributed locally/organically.

Over 1000′s of years the “money changers” have brainwashed us to support the scam Of usury. We voluntarily contract to do the impossible. IE: pay principle and interest when only the principle is in circulation. Most can pay and do. However it is 100% mathematically impossible for ALL to pay their debts.

No big deal, the bankers will gladly repo their assets. IE: Homes, cars, businesses, govts etc. This scam occurs on gold/silver/paper/digital/ coconuts, or whatever. Usury is the original sin of mankind.

I hope YOU don’t support the bankers usury scam which has bankrupted the world, and enslaved our Brothers and Sisters.

Instead, I hope u start a local currency as I am in Breckenridge CO. My intent is to gain support and get massive circulation actually going house to house, business to business. Doing live internet/radio from supporting businesses who LOVE the idea as it protects them from Walmart. What a beautiful idea for neighbors to design their own money!

But the big selling point is. A universal debt Jubilee to scrub debts and credit reports for a one time reset. Then we will elect/hire/pay a local sheriff to end bankers theft under color of law. We will end income/property taxes as it is wrong for any entity to steal. We will end foreclosures. We will end kidnapping by the prison industrial complex in the form of enforcement of victimless crimes.

The sheriff will need help doing the right thing so we will deputize men,and women who have the stones to DEFEND natural rights. IE: “honor their oath”. We intend to re-establish the Republics without violence.

We will make this entire initiative a reality show for the world to see how to liberate just one small town from banker occupation. Surely, the true “evil doers” will initiate violence so we want to make sure we have a big audience.

Will YOU tune in and teach your children what REAL American heros look like? They don’t kill innocent people. They don’t simply just complain on the computer, or in the streets. They don’t vote and cross their fingers that an election will fix anything. Has an election ever made anyone free? The election of a local sheriff who defends natural rights will be a meaningful election. I rather hope it is a woman who will defend her People like a mother bear defending her cubs.

This former Marine has a new mission in life, and a plan. The mission will be completed, or I will die trying. No matter, another will pick up the cause. Then another. “There is NOTHING more powerful than an idea whose time has come”

Do you feel a “brush fire in your mind”? If so, maybe you are fit to be sheriff paid with a local currency in your town. Maybe, this is exactly how the world is saved from WWIII.

Looks like a new world does begin in 2012. Come seize your destiny, and make your soul immortal! Every revolution in the past has been financed by the bankers. This one will not. But with every revolution there will be “Founding Fathers”, naysayers(do nothings), and Tories(loyal to the money kings) Which will YOU be?

“It’s just a game” -Bill Hicks. Will YOU have fun in the game? Will you refuse to even play the game for fear of failure? Or, will you learn to just play again like a happy child of your youth? Wasn’t it fun being a kid. That’s what your whole life could be like once we rid ourselves of bankers’ engineered scarcity. The Creator created abundance so that we need not live in fear.

Jesus was killed by the “money changers” over usury.

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Jesus was a beautiful Jew who was killed by the elite  Jewish “money changers” who were per ping the fraud of usury on the People. The ultimate pacifist got violent just once, and only with one group. As the “money changers” are and have always been the REAL POWER behind the throne; Jesus condemned Himself. He didn’t care because He knew his soul was immortal.

We need to give up our fears, and take on the “money changers” ourselves. Not by force, but peacefully removing our energy from their usury based systems. We must find the courage of Christ. Remember this single idea this Christmas. WE CAN DO THIS! WE MUST DO THIS!

Jesus was killed for the same reason that most people are killed. Usury. Caesar/Lincoln were killed because they resisted usury. The Bible warns of usury 15x. The Quran forbids the same(riba). Elite Jewish “money changers” permit usury on gentiles.

Usury is a mathematic fraud just like a Ponzi. Jesus got violent with the elite Jewish “money changers”. The “money changers” are a “den of thieves” as USURY has 100% chance to destroy. It is IMPOSSIBLE for all borrowers to pay their debts as interest money is NOT created. Some will now argue that Jesus was angry as ANY business was being conducted “in the Temple”.  Is ANY business theft?  Of course not. Jesus called them “thieves”. Usury is ALWAYS theft. Just like a Ponzi.

Usury destroys even on gold/silver money. If the “money changers” loan the People $1M gold at 1%, the total debt is $1,010,000. But, how do the People pay $10k in gold interest money? IE: How do you pay $1,010,000, if only $1,000,000 is in circulation?

All borrowers cannot pay the usury back. Most WILL pay their loans back, but some are guaranteed to lose their homes, businesses, governments, cars, independence, jobs, and their dignity.  The People must either default, and lose their collateral; or borrow more.

The original sin of man is USURY. The “money changers” usury is the cause of war, hate, famine, bailouts, and loss of sovereignty. Usury is the funding source for tyranny across the globe. Usury the debt Ponzi in which the world is collapsing into.

Usury destroys when we have big government, small government, or even NO government. Usury will confiscate the world on behalf of the “money changers” who can cloak themselves in any political party, movement, revolution, religion, race. “Money changers” can be “End the Fed”, 9,11 truth, or the opposite. “Money changers” need only 1 thing to survive as parasites on the producers of the world. “Money changers” need usury only.

Usury was the cause of the Holocaust, and the sacrifice of beautiful Jews on behalf of the Rothshchilds, and Zionism. Did you know that elite Zionist Jews financed Hitler through the “Transfer Agreement”? “Politics makes strange bedfellows” and both Hitler, and the Zionists wanted the Jews out of the comforts and culture of Europe, and into the dust of Palestine.

nazi zionist coin 150x150 Jesus was killed by the money changers over usury.

"Transfer Agreement" coin between Jewish Zionists and Nazis.

If you ever wonder about the truth of the Zionists control over our money. Just notice the Star of David on the back of a buck. If you ever wonder about the Zionists control of our military, just notice the Star of David on our service members’ swords. If you ever wonder about the Zionists control of Hollywood, just listen to Adam Sandler’s “Hanukkah Song”. Did you know the Israel trades arms and oil with its “arch enemy” Iran?

Ask yourself why there are so many duel US-Israeli citizens in our government. No other nation enjoys that status. “A slave cannot serve to masters”.

Did you know that Mossad perped 9.11 as a “false flag” to frame Muslims just like the USS Liberty? Are you ready to face the ugly truth about the real power behind the throne?

Libya was recently attacked because it had a riba/usury free banking system which did not have a national debt to the Zionist controlled IMF. The People go to war to make the world safe for the Rothschilds’ private usury based money.

Additionally our wars are fought to disarm the People on behalf of the bankers’ created UN. Wars are fought to destroy natural God-given rights. Believe it or not, God gave Muslims natural rights too. One day this will come to the US. The USURERS can’t have armed slaves running around.

Now, we live in a nation completely divided where the 1% rule. They have divided and conquered by pitting the slave vs the slave. “Allow me control the money and I care not who makes the rules” -Amshell Rothschild.

We must be careful to realize the it is the elite in any society which perp the evil of USURY. We must “love the sinner(parasitic usurer bankers), and hate the sin(usury). We must not support more HATE, and violence. We have had plenty and we are LESS FREE.

Please think of how much consumerism will be funded with usury. Think of how many families will be broken by it. Again, it is IMPOSSIBLE for all borrowers to pay. When they don’t the parasites will gain their assets. The People will go homeless. Businesses WILL be bankrupted.

If we “End the Fed”, and have “sound money” the US will still be dependent/destroyed by usury. Even if the money is based on gold/silver. Again, how do the People pay $1,010,000 in gold, if $1M gold is borrowed at 1%?

The People cannot, and they go bankrupt as the US did in 1933 under a gold/silver money system. Now, Dr Ron Paul supports the Rothschilds gold/silver money system. AKA: Paul is loyal opposition. Paul does not threaten the banksters’ usury scam.

Gold/silver are commodities of elite control just like oil. Are we energy free when dependent on oil? To be free the People must have THAT commodity themselves. Energy independence for an individual is a solar roof, powering a plug in hybrid that they purchased each willingly. Who wouldn’t want that, so one doesn’t have to suck up to the State?

Some Paul sycophants will say Paul wants “competing currencies” created by private banks. Of course these banking corporations will “compete” like the corporate media does to tell use the truth. LOL! ….LOL! ….LOL!  Since all money will be created by private usury it will gain the world through color of law. The bankers can thrive even if there is NO GOVERNMENT.

People willingly engage in USURY fraud because the bankers PR has been so good to support it. Paulistas will PRETEND to fight the private bankers, but DEFEND to their death the bankers right to perp usury! Usury=Fraud just like a Ponzi. Usury just has much better PR.  Follow my comments and enjoy the Paul supporters defending usury. Usually, they just call me names as they can’t support their position.

The Paulistas have fallen for the bankers’ phony savior, just like the ObamaNuts did for theirs. Each will wake up to the fraud eventually. “In God We Trust” not phony suits. Don’t fall for the “false Idols” of gold, or Paul. Believe in IDEAS. Know too that “America was built by men in blue jeans, and destroyed by men in suits”. It will be rebuilt by men/women in blue jeans.  IE: Elections are there to maintain illusion of freedom.

The US has actually been a corporation since 1871. “Reconstruction” means much more than you think. So changing the vestigial head of the bankrupt, corporate war democracy will change NOTHING. Whoever controls the monetary system in any society is the real government.

Argue this with a Paul sycophant, and they will defend usury(fraud) as some necessity. This is untrue as the world can exist without usury, and still have USURY FREE LOANS. This can be done without force, voluntarily. Ithaca, NY has had a local currency created without usury based on time for 20 years. actually LOANED USURY FREE MONEY to the local credit union.

Perhaps Paul is just ignorant about usury. He does seem to be like a very nice guy. But, so does Glenn Beck, and Obama. The bankers always know how to get us to beg for their phony solutions. They are experts at manipulating the sheep and revolutions which THEY finance. Either way the ignorant, or loyal opposition do not deserve to be “leaders”. The “authorities” are almost always phony. Think of your local banker who often know NOTHING about how money is CREATED.

Did you know the bankers just invent the money for a mortgage when we sign the promissory note? The are into profit after the first payment, and have zero risk. Then they add the impossible to pay USURY. Then THEY take the house even though the PRODUCER/owner/borrower put more energy into the house.
Funny, how none of the phonies talk about this on the TV, radio, newspaper, MOST of the internet.

Let’s take this technology and have usury free home loans that we pay off in 8 years. Let’s have a Universal debt Jubilee which the Bible recommends for societies which have been ravaged by usury. How’s THAT for HOPE in the new year? What would THAT do for your personal balance sheet? What would that do to get the People working again?

Don’t look for these SOLUTIONS to be offered by the bankers’ austerity peddlers on TV. And don’t buy into the phony Ron Paul Revolution. Don’t be duped by the banker’s next “savior de jure” wrapped in the Constitution. Don’t support the bankers’ brainwashing of the need for usury.

Please do support usury free money creation, and FOCUS on this issue as we honor Christ this Christmas. Jesus was the coolest guy ever, and NO ONE had more courage than Christ “before the cross”. Imagine the fear you would have when He was to be crucified by the “money changers”. But, His faith never broke even though His closest betrayed Him.

USURY is the original Sin of mankind.

Let this TRUTH into your soul. Push the HATE of the bankers’ patsies out of your heart(Muslims). Do not HATE your Brothers and Sisters, as Jesus would ask. Hate USURY.

If we UNITE in 2012 against USURY, this new year will be known as the greatest in human history. We will be the “greatest generation”.

Let’s do this so that YOUR kids don’t go die in WWIII. Let’s do this so that the “money changers” don’t sacrifice more beautiful Jews. Let’s do this because “we are the leaders we have been waiting for”. Let’s do this so we don’t rely on saviors like helpless slaves.

Let’s do it for Jesus, Mohammad, and Moses. Let’s do it for our own immortal souls.