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“Blood Money” a real life Halloween tale about the Federal Reserve

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Please watch the music video which we created to help explain
the evil which is perpetrated through financing from the private, international, Federal Reserve.

Turn up your speakers and have a listen!

Go to “truthbomb1″ channel for more similar videos.

Please warn your friends, families, and neighbors about the engineered depression, and

dollar collapse.

Grayson: Does the Federal Reserve Manipulate the Stock Market?

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Florida Representative Alan Grayson(D.) goes on the attack of the corrupt Federal Reserve. Does the Fed engage in insider trading? Does the Federal Reserve really have the gold listed on its asset sheet?

I hope you enjoy watching a Fed. lawyer squirm as much as I do. I’ve always voted Republican, but it sure is fun watching Grayson.

What is the FALSE “Left-Right Paradigm”?

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Imagine a couple(Dems/Repubs) yelling at each other:

He said: ” I can’t believe you left me”
She said: “I had to go, I love him!”
He said: “What about me?”
She said: “You’ll be fine!”

Then a newspaper said: “Woman leaves man”
TV said: “Couple at a crossroads!”
Radio: Hannity says: “Family is Collapsing!”

….but what no SOURCE told you was that: HIM: was her brother and GO: Was for 5 min.


OR: “When I DON’T read the newspaper, I’m UN-informed; When I DO read the newspapers, I’m MIS-informed.”

-Mark Twain

The The Founders only knew: “Liberty or Tyranny” not left and right. Democrat or Republican.

They were against what THEY called “FACTIONS”

Our two system has is a political cartel.

All cartels are bad because they limit competition and they foster MORE corruption.

Cartels give free market CAPITALISM a bad name!

They make it nearly impossible for a third party to have a viable chance at election.

The two party system IS the ESTABLISHMENT supported by the Federal Reserve Private Banking Cartel which funds BOTH of them.

The parties take the money in agreement that they are to pose as the real power, NOT the FED which funds their expensive election ADVERTISING campaigns and CORPORATE MEDIA CARTELS.

The false “TWO PARTY PARADIGM” is that change/revolution must occur WITHIN the conversation that they frame.



THE FED has fostered a two party system which divides and conquers the people. We cheer lead for Bush or Obama thinking they will fix what the other broke. However, our elections are faux revolutions as the Fed maintains the true power structure.

The establishment will allow Tea Parties as a social pressure valve for the RIGHT.
The left gets to label the RIGHT as TOO extreme!

RIGHT: “We’re taking our power BACK! We need a CONTRACT w/ AMERICA II!
LEFT: “These guys are TOO radical!”
RIGHT: “Throw the bums OUT!”
LEFT: “Wow, Rush is too extreme! We need a FAIRNESS DOCTRINE!”
RIGHT: “SEE WE ARE EXTREME! Don’t restrict OUR free speach you COMMIES!”



IE: BUSH, OBAMA, CLINTON, MCCAIN all voted for the BAILOUTS! If they don’t represent us, WHO do they represent? THE FED!

When our new kings voted for the BAILOUTS against the will of 90% of the people, TYRANNY STUCK DOWN ITS HAND!

Abandon party!


Why do Democrat and Republican politicians LOOOVE the Federal Reserve System

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1. They can pretend to be TAX HAWKS and fiscal conservatives while the “hidden FED tax” steals wealth thru inflation WITHOUT A VOTE!

2. It supports the TWO PARTY political election cartel with easy campaign contributions thru foundations and PACS.

3. They can deficit spend with abandon to bring the PORK home!

4. The Fed also supports the corporate cartel media which gives them political cover from the wrath of the PEOPLE. The media can spread ideas like the “Global Warming” myth. Then politicians can use more phony environmentalism to steal our wealth.

5. The Fed with collusion of the corporate media cartel can make in-experienced guys like Obama, President!
-AND overlook any mention of Constitutional eligibility! -just call them racist kooks like anyone that talks about the Federal Reserve System

6. Payoffs, bribes and Corruption…oh my!

7. Political Cover when they want to pass un-Constitutional legislation. Like the “Patriot Act” etc.

8. Same reason as the Communist Manifesto requires a Central Bank(Fed). Control and eventual enslavement with elimination of national sovereignty and US Constitution. Tyrants hate when the people start protesting!

Bush: “Barack I’ll dilute most of the important amendments, but you gotta pitch in!”
Obama: “No problem, I’ll take care of the 2nd.”

“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.” -Thomas Jefferson

Add on with any reasons I missed!

Give up Party!

Think: Tyranny or Liberty!

Long Live the Republic!

Out of power Neo-cons love MOST of the Constitution.

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The Patriot or Constitution movement is filled with out of power Neo-Cons. They preach the Constitution, but will restrict your ability to speak to other members and about certain subjects. Two big no-no subjects are The Federal Reserve System and War. How do you know if your group is dominated by a Neo-Con “hall monitor”? Do they try to control you, the speakers and the subject matter of your protest?

Do you want to learn information that neither political parties want you to know?

The Major Parties want to MAINTAIN THE ESTABLISHMENT! Because, they are the establishment!

We want former Democrats and Republicans who value the CONSTITUTION.

What about your favorite talking head? What are the subjects that they don’t cover?

You don’t know, what you don’t know! A omission is a lie! If they only give you 95% of the truth, listen to someone else. Just sayin’

The Corporate Media put them there to CONTROL WHAT SUBJECTS they want you to: think, argue and protest over. Many Republicans agree that the media is biased against them from the LEFT. But, what subjects do the RIGHT leaning hosts keep from you?

The first step in controlling a society is getting control of the MEDIA, RADIO, TV, NEWSPAPERS ETC.

Do you want to ONLY tickle the issues with another “Contract With America?”, Term Limits, throw the bums out?

If you don’t get rid of the source of the corruption, the corrupt weeds will come right back.

We are a movement that TRULY wants smaller government. Eliminate individual AND corporate welfare.

Corruption: The (PRIVATE FOR PROFIT) Federal Reserve System has generated the corruption, which is pervasive in our society. This is the financial system, which our Founders revolted from because it ends in debt slavery.

A Central Bank is a plank of the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO!

Think of the nearly unlimited power a PRIVATE for PROFIT BANKING CARTEL has over us.

Unlimited power to print money?
Not audited by the US Government?
Who owns the FED?
What country are they from?

How much mischief could you cause if you could counterfeit money “LEGALLY”?

The FED must go!

TAXES: Paid by the Elite and the people.

LAWS: Followed by the Elite and the people

WAR: Declared Constitutional for Defense only. Wars where the financial, political, and Hollywood elite fights along side the PEOPLE on the FRONT lines and not in some GREEN ZONE. A declared war is a war of all the people. War will be prosecuted quickly without politically correct “rules of engagement”. War is ugly business. Let it be swift.

No war for empire or natural resources. Will Robber Barons and Profiteers lead the charge from the FRONT?!

GLOBALISM is treason and a violation of the OATH to the Constitution. Violators past and present must be tried for their crime.

Secrecy in Government: All government documents older than 3 years shall be made available to the PEOPLE. No longer can criminals hide because of “National Security”!

Pensions: Elite must use the same systems as the people.
Medical: Elite must use the same systems as the people.
Educational: Elite must use the same systems as the people.

Fiscal Policy: Balance a budget period.
Term Limits: Yes

Campaign Finance and axcess: Equal time for all candidates regardless of party. Meaningful debates without media and Party manipulation.

Our politicians must be accountable for their actions!

Please watch the following Documentary: “Freedom to Fascism”
Freedom to Fascism