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Occupy Wall Street? Who Controls America? A PowerPoint

October 5, 2011 by  
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Who Controls America?

“You Say You Want a Revolution”

Occupy Wall Street protesters are now into their 3rd week in NY. Thousands of arrests have been made, but the dominant media is trying to ignore the event. The State wants you docile and dependent and just focused on bread and circuses. The State will use all of its presstitutes to keep giving you reasons why you shouldn’t support these anarchists, commies, union thugs, Soros operatives, leftists, anti-capitalists, and just plain “smelly people”.

The State CANNOT allow the Tea Party movement people from joining this group. The State requires divide and conquer so that 1% can continue to rule 99%. So, the Tea Party movement DID GET coopted by the Republican Party. And this movement of honest protesters just like the Tea Party will be the target of central bank financed operatives from the left. But, if the People can directly interact with one another they share many complaints.

Don’t trust the dominant media to explain what the majority of the protesters want. They will find the most radical, violent, or crazy in the group so that we don’t support them. It gives us an excuse to be lazy and watch Idol, or 10 hours of football. Caring about your children’s future will take more than a vote every 2 years. These people care about their standard of living which is being destroyed by our ruling oligarch. Just like the Tea Party. These people are against bank bailouts. Just like the Tea Party. These people recognize that both political parties are corrupt and don’t represent the People. Just like the Tea Party.

“Unite or Die” Don’t let the bankers media keep us from supporting other slaves on the New World Order plantation. Glenn Beck will do all he can to keep you from uniting with these people and sharing ideas for solutions. By the way, why did Glenn Beck had the Tea Party “occupy Washington”. Why? Does anyone really think the power structure is there? Beck wants you to think the politicians are in charge. Where do the politicians get their campaign money?

On that point, let’s investigate who is really in charge of America. Should we occupy Wall Street, Whitehouse, Congress, the Federal Reserve, or elsewhere? Who is the enemy?

Checkout my PowerPoint presentation to see who’s at the top of the power pyramid. The TRUTH will surprise you. The Tea Party, Beck, the left, right, and Paul’s all have it wrong.

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