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Historic monetary debate recorded video. Gold/silver vs Greenbacks vs mtnHours vs Bitcoin

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Monetary debate with Adam Kokesh, Bill Still and Wayne Walton



The most important topic facing humanity is monetary reform. Why? The “money power”
is the true sovereign of planet earth. Governments and corporations are simply revenue
collectors, minions and patsies.

The “den of thieves” has dominated humanity by focusing on monetary control. They rule with a tiny minority.

Fortunately, we can regain sovereignty with a small minority by FOCUSING on monetary reform.


Money is an IOU contract NOT the commodity itself.

End Fed Organizer Earns and Spends mtnHours

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Bruce Baumen of We Are Change CO earns and spends mtnHours.

What’s next for the liberty movement? Rothschilds says “Allow me to control money, and I care not who makes the laws” IE:

Whoever controls the money is the government. Even with a TINY MINORITY. A tiny minority like libertarians/End the Feders/9.11 truthers. What if WE controlled our own monetary system? Wouldn’t WE become the “government”?

Of course we would want voluntarist government/organization of course which supports the “Non-aggression Principle”. “What the mind can conceive, and believe, it can achieve” The local, usury-free currency revolution is on.

We are going to emancipate ourselves via personal, direct action by taking control of our own money systems. We can network, and cross trade these systems. We can barter between our barter scrip systems. Viva la Revolucion!

Here’s the link to the video. Local, barter scrip is the most basid form of money. It’s voluntary, organic, debt/interest-free.

We don’t need government, corporations, force, private banks, gold, silver, majority, or permission to grow our power via the money system. Rothschild didn’t get permission. Why should we?