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E=mc2 means we are all just energy. Who harnesses yours?

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E=mc2 means we are all just concentrated energy. Who harnesses it?

E=mc2 means that the only thing that exists in the universe is mass and energy. Who parasitically harnesses yours? Conservation of energy means that We The People are merely concentrated energy which has temporarily formed into mass. Although this energy is concentrated it still vibrates. Do YOU give off positive, or negative vibes?

In geologic time our lives pass in a blink of an eye. Why would we spend such precious time in fear, and lack? Who has “engineered scarcity”? Who lives parasitically off our productive energy?

Are YOU a producer, or a parasite?

Shouldn’t the PRODUCERS in any society be rewarded far more for their toil than the parasites? Since only bankers can invent their product they have enormous power. Today, a banker will use our energy to create funds for a loan. The banker cannot do this without the commercial energy of the borrower.

For example: on $100k loaned the parasitic banker will receive $250k in payments over 30 years. The builder/producer will typically make about $30k for 2 months of toil. The banker is into profit after the very first payment. What’s worse is that this power becomes evil when usury/interest is attached to debt which makes it un-payable.

Usury is a mathematic fraud like a Ponzi which will always create victims even on gold/silver money.

What is the solution?

The People must remove the energy from the parasitic system which FORCES them to submit. Then put their energy into a system which listens to them. Organic money listens to the locals, not the globalists. Organic money destroys globalist bank tyranny.

People are often frightened to embrace local money as they believe it is technologically backward. Not true.

1. As the money is based on time which is a universally known quantity; local currency can be traded between systems. An hour in Ithaca, NY is equal to an hour in Summit County, CO, or Calgary, CA.

2. Without interest/usury parasitism we can have more money as it is just SPENT into circulation once energized by the voluntary collective.

3. With a universal debt Jubilee the People will own their assets free and clear, and be “creditors”. People without debt are free of the rat race and can choose a vocation that is their passion. And they can stay home and raise their children.

4. With interest/usury free lending we can have more money, loans and banking. It will be MORE MODERN than today. How? Currently, the mortgage broker/local bank/funder make 5 points on a loan. We can set up a similar compensation plan without interest/usury.

Example: For a $100k home purchase we will create $105k in funds AND debt. The borrower gets $100k, the mortgage broker/local bank/funder will get $5k. The borrower will pay back $105k rather than ~$250k.

As this is a voluntary society based on the “non-aggression principle” we don’t have income and property tax(theft/parasitism). How will we fund existing social programs and pensions etc?

In the above example we used 5 points to compensate the broker/banker. What if we used 10 points instead. 5 points would go toward social programs. Possibly 2 points for SS/pensions, 2 points for schools, and 1 point for roads. With 1000′s of local currencies, their will be that many systems which benefit the local people. It is their energy which energizes the funds, so they should decide.

The People will only pay taxes through voluntary transactions. One can live a life of leisure with no income or property taxes in a house which is owned free and clear.

“Life is just a ride”- comedian Bill Hicks

billhicks.itsjustaride 286x300 E=mc2 means we are all just energy. Who harnesses yours?

"It's just a ride" Life is fleeting, why not just chose love and abundance?

Why do we chose to live it in fear and lack? Why don’t we make it a fun, and beautiful game? Why don’t we simply choose abundance, and love?

All these changes can occur without violence, and without force. This is NOT some hippy liberal idea….only. The Bible supports a universal debt Jubilee for any society which has been victimized by interest/usury/fraud.

With technology we can turn this plan into action THIS YEAR. We can have abundance THIS YEAR. With loving, patriotic, united, activists in the Tea Party, and Occupy movements we can create a REAL LIFE MIRACLE! With technology, email, Facebook, and Twitter we can create the miracle THIS YEAR. Only the OLD WORLD will end in 2012.

2012 is the year where the People took their power(energy) back!

What will it cost(energy) the People for all of these benefits?

All they must do is change the color of their money!

The most ingenious ideas are the simplest. Ask Albert!


Has a brushfire in your mind been lit?


Long live the Republic and Free Humanity!


Marines Muster to resist New World Order central bank tyranny.

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As the central bankers purposely collapse the dollar. The People are responding with different movements. The Tea Party, Occupy Wall St, and the Ron Paul Revolution.

Each of these movements has captured the HONEST ENERGY of their followers. The people are rightly angry, and frustrated about the corruption of their institutions. Unfortunately, the leadership of each has wrongly identified the enemy/the tyrants.

This step is far and away the MOST important step. Once one understands the true source, and cause of the problems in our society, then strategies and tactics can be implemented.

We must act quick because the New World Order is engineering WWIII as they always do whenever their debt based money systems collapse. The problem is all of our dominant media is controlled by the same people who have corrupted all of our institutions. We are controlled by various fascist control systems where governments have colluded with corporations to form monopolies which destroy competition.

What monopolies? 1. Federal Reserve money monopoly. 2. Two party political monopoly. 3. corporate news network monopoly just for starters.

The People are now beginning to see past these control scams thanks to the internet. Despite that, even leaders on the internet are often “loyal opposition” too. The truth is out there, but one must dig a bit deeper to expose the deep, dirty truth.

Our dominant media has taught us that the “radical Muslims” are the enemy to the US. Well, it’s well known on the internet that international bankers have financed all sides of US wars for at least 200 years.

This is big news! The central bankers funded Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Saddam, Noriega, and bin Laden. They are all hired “agent provocateurs” to create a boogyman for the State to grow its power.

Well, the story goes a bit deeper and the evidence is right on the back of a buck. Look there and you’ll find a Star of David there ever since the US was bankrupted in 1933. In affect the Fed is the real government of the US. The creditor makes all the big decisions when any entity is in bankruptcy. This is why the Fed got a bailed out despite 90% resistance from the People.

The political belief of the central bankers from the Fed is Israel first. In fact our government is filled with duel US-Israeli citizens whose PRIMARY allegiance is to Israel. Due to this influence, the US fights Israel’s enemies. Israel has been caught numerous times engineering “false flag” events/”frame ups” to blame on Muslims. This way the US spends its energy, blood, and treasure. “The USS Liberty incident” is an excellent example of this.

This is a tough topic to digest as it runs concurrent to everything we’ve been programmed to believe. Everything our dominant media teaches confirms “Muslims” are evil. And “Jews” are victims.

Well, we need not watch a TV very long to recognize that it is filled with deceptions about what is important, how we are defective, and what synthetic drugs we must take to make us whole. These are all lies meant to destroy our minds, and make us domesticated.

Meanwhile, as the State offers “bread and circuses”, thousands of innocents are dying needlessly ON BOTH SIDES. Please take some time to study this deeply controversial topic. As peace activists, we advocate no violence to anyone, anywhere. We merely wish to expose the “whole truth”. And with the light of truth, we shall be set free.

Marines are stepping forward to point out how we have been lied to in order to support endless war. Peace and blessings to Jew, and gentile alike.

“The Truth Hammer”: 37% more truth than the competition!

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Do you know K-Roc “the Truth Hammer”?

There are many options for one to try to learn about the world and current events. Why not pick a source which deeply studies the monetary system. One which goes far further than Ron Paul? The People have been battling the “money changers” for thousands of years. Not just since 1913. is one of only a few which discusses the fraud of the Rothschild’s gold/silver standard. Did you know that NO NATION which has used silver and gold money has remained sovereign?  We talk about it. So get your friends to subscribe!

Mind control: When multiple Presidents talk about the New World Order that is normal. If we the People talk about it; that is a conspiracy theory.

Do you still have the capacity to resist tyranny? Americans have been very domesticated by design. We have been taught to blame other slaves for our enslavement just like the slave masters planned. Can the slaves learn to put their differences behind them and UNITE?

Let music from the “Uprising” inspire you! The Uprising by Muse.


Please get on to where you’ll find K-Roc the “Truth Hammer” who will be glad to speak on any topics covered on this site. He has deep knowledge of military history, gold/silver investing, usury, population control, NWO, survival construction, solar power, etc.  The link is on the tool bar.