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Jesus was killed by the “money changers” over usury.

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Jesus was a beautiful Jew who was killed by the elite  Jewish “money changers” who were per ping the fraud of usury on the People. The ultimate pacifist got violent just once, and only with one group. As the “money changers” are and have always been the REAL POWER behind the throne; Jesus condemned Himself. He didn’t care because He knew his soul was immortal.

We need to give up our fears, and take on the “money changers” ourselves. Not by force, but peacefully removing our energy from their usury based systems. We must find the courage of Christ. Remember this single idea this Christmas. WE CAN DO THIS! WE MUST DO THIS!

Jesus was killed for the same reason that most people are killed. Usury. Caesar/Lincoln were killed because they resisted usury. The Bible warns of usury 15x. The Quran forbids the same(riba). Elite Jewish “money changers” permit usury on gentiles.

Usury is a mathematic fraud just like a Ponzi. Jesus got violent with the elite Jewish “money changers”. The “money changers” are a “den of thieves” as USURY has 100% chance to destroy. It is IMPOSSIBLE for all borrowers to pay their debts as interest money is NOT created. Some will now argue that Jesus was angry as ANY business was being conducted “in the Temple”.  Is ANY business theft?  Of course not. Jesus called them “thieves”. Usury is ALWAYS theft. Just like a Ponzi.

Usury destroys even on gold/silver money. If the “money changers” loan the People $1M gold at 1%, the total debt is $1,010,000. But, how do the People pay $10k in gold interest money? IE: How do you pay $1,010,000, if only $1,000,000 is in circulation?

All borrowers cannot pay the usury back. Most WILL pay their loans back, but some are guaranteed to lose their homes, businesses, governments, cars, independence, jobs, and their dignity.  The People must either default, and lose their collateral; or borrow more.

The original sin of man is USURY. The “money changers” usury is the cause of war, hate, famine, bailouts, and loss of sovereignty. Usury is the funding source for tyranny across the globe. Usury the debt Ponzi in which the world is collapsing into.

Usury destroys when we have big government, small government, or even NO government. Usury will confiscate the world on behalf of the “money changers” who can cloak themselves in any political party, movement, revolution, religion, race. “Money changers” can be “End the Fed”, 9,11 truth, or the opposite. “Money changers” need only 1 thing to survive as parasites on the producers of the world. “Money changers” need usury only.

Usury was the cause of the Holocaust, and the sacrifice of beautiful Jews on behalf of the Rothshchilds, and Zionism. Did you know that elite Zionist Jews financed Hitler through the “Transfer Agreement”? “Politics makes strange bedfellows” and both Hitler, and the Zionists wanted the Jews out of the comforts and culture of Europe, and into the dust of Palestine.

nazi zionist coin 150x150 Jesus was killed by the money changers over usury.

"Transfer Agreement" coin between Jewish Zionists and Nazis.

If you ever wonder about the truth of the Zionists control over our money. Just notice the Star of David on the back of a buck. If you ever wonder about the Zionists control of our military, just notice the Star of David on our service members’ swords. If you ever wonder about the Zionists control of Hollywood, just listen to Adam Sandler’s “Hanukkah Song”. Did you know the Israel trades arms and oil with its “arch enemy” Iran?

Ask yourself why there are so many duel US-Israeli citizens in our government. No other nation enjoys that status. “A slave cannot serve to masters”.

Did you know that Mossad perped 9.11 as a “false flag” to frame Muslims just like the USS Liberty? Are you ready to face the ugly truth about the real power behind the throne?

Libya was recently attacked because it had a riba/usury free banking system which did not have a national debt to the Zionist controlled IMF. The People go to war to make the world safe for the Rothschilds’ private usury based money.

Additionally our wars are fought to disarm the People on behalf of the bankers’ created UN. Wars are fought to destroy natural God-given rights. Believe it or not, God gave Muslims natural rights too. One day this will come to the US. The USURERS can’t have armed slaves running around.

Now, we live in a nation completely divided where the 1% rule. They have divided and conquered by pitting the slave vs the slave. “Allow me control the money and I care not who makes the rules” -Amshell Rothschild.

We must be careful to realize the it is the elite in any society which perp the evil of USURY. We must “love the sinner(parasitic usurer bankers), and hate the sin(usury). We must not support more HATE, and violence. We have had plenty and we are LESS FREE.

Please think of how much consumerism will be funded with usury. Think of how many families will be broken by it. Again, it is IMPOSSIBLE for all borrowers to pay. When they don’t the parasites will gain their assets. The People will go homeless. Businesses WILL be bankrupted.

If we “End the Fed”, and have “sound money” the US will still be dependent/destroyed by usury. Even if the money is based on gold/silver. Again, how do the People pay $1,010,000 in gold, if $1M gold is borrowed at 1%?

The People cannot, and they go bankrupt as the US did in 1933 under a gold/silver money system. Now, Dr Ron Paul supports the Rothschilds gold/silver money system. AKA: Paul is loyal opposition. Paul does not threaten the banksters’ usury scam.

Gold/silver are commodities of elite control just like oil. Are we energy free when dependent on oil? To be free the People must have THAT commodity themselves. Energy independence for an individual is a solar roof, powering a plug in hybrid that they purchased each willingly. Who wouldn’t want that, so one doesn’t have to suck up to the State?

Some Paul sycophants will say Paul wants “competing currencies” created by private banks. Of course these banking corporations will “compete” like the corporate media does to tell use the truth. LOL! ….LOL! ….LOL!  Since all money will be created by private usury it will gain the world through color of law. The bankers can thrive even if there is NO GOVERNMENT.

People willingly engage in USURY fraud because the bankers PR has been so good to support it. Paulistas will PRETEND to fight the private bankers, but DEFEND to their death the bankers right to perp usury! Usury=Fraud just like a Ponzi. Usury just has much better PR.  Follow my comments and enjoy the Paul supporters defending usury. Usually, they just call me names as they can’t support their position.

The Paulistas have fallen for the bankers’ phony savior, just like the ObamaNuts did for theirs. Each will wake up to the fraud eventually. “In God We Trust” not phony suits. Don’t fall for the “false Idols” of gold, or Paul. Believe in IDEAS. Know too that “America was built by men in blue jeans, and destroyed by men in suits”. It will be rebuilt by men/women in blue jeans.  IE: Elections are there to maintain illusion of freedom.

The US has actually been a corporation since 1871. “Reconstruction” means much more than you think. So changing the vestigial head of the bankrupt, corporate war democracy will change NOTHING. Whoever controls the monetary system in any society is the real government.

Argue this with a Paul sycophant, and they will defend usury(fraud) as some necessity. This is untrue as the world can exist without usury, and still have USURY FREE LOANS. This can be done without force, voluntarily. Ithaca, NY has had a local currency created without usury based on time for 20 years. actually LOANED USURY FREE MONEY to the local credit union.

Perhaps Paul is just ignorant about usury. He does seem to be like a very nice guy. But, so does Glenn Beck, and Obama. The bankers always know how to get us to beg for their phony solutions. They are experts at manipulating the sheep and revolutions which THEY finance. Either way the ignorant, or loyal opposition do not deserve to be “leaders”. The “authorities” are almost always phony. Think of your local banker who often know NOTHING about how money is CREATED.

Did you know the bankers just invent the money for a mortgage when we sign the promissory note? The are into profit after the first payment, and have zero risk. Then they add the impossible to pay USURY. Then THEY take the house even though the PRODUCER/owner/borrower put more energy into the house.
Funny, how none of the phonies talk about this on the TV, radio, newspaper, MOST of the internet.

Let’s take this technology and have usury free home loans that we pay off in 8 years. Let’s have a Universal debt Jubilee which the Bible recommends for societies which have been ravaged by usury. How’s THAT for HOPE in the new year? What would THAT do for your personal balance sheet? What would that do to get the People working again?

Don’t look for these SOLUTIONS to be offered by the bankers’ austerity peddlers on TV. And don’t buy into the phony Ron Paul Revolution. Don’t be duped by the banker’s next “savior de jure” wrapped in the Constitution. Don’t support the bankers’ brainwashing of the need for usury.

Please do support usury free money creation, and FOCUS on this issue as we honor Christ this Christmas. Jesus was the coolest guy ever, and NO ONE had more courage than Christ “before the cross”. Imagine the fear you would have when He was to be crucified by the “money changers”. But, His faith never broke even though His closest betrayed Him.

USURY is the original Sin of mankind.

Let this TRUTH into your soul. Push the HATE of the bankers’ patsies out of your heart(Muslims). Do not HATE your Brothers and Sisters, as Jesus would ask. Hate USURY.

If we UNITE in 2012 against USURY, this new year will be known as the greatest in human history. We will be the “greatest generation”.

Let’s do this so that YOUR kids don’t go die in WWIII. Let’s do this so that the “money changers” don’t sacrifice more beautiful Jews. Let’s do this because “we are the leaders we have been waiting for”. Let’s do this so we don’t rely on saviors like helpless slaves.

Let’s do it for Jesus, Mohammad, and Moses. Let’s do it for our own immortal souls.

65 second Promo: The Tea Party and Occupy Wall St UNITE!

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promo for the plan to UNITE the Occupy and Tea Party movements!

The Occupy Wall St. and Tea Party movements UNITE to resist the FASCIST, New World Order, central bank mafia which is their common enemy. It is the same enemy which their parents and grand-parents faced 70 years ago.

The New World Order has financed our division with unlimited funds that only THEY can create with no energy expended. With these funds our corporate media is used as a tool to keep the People apart and in conflict with one another.

This system allows 1% to rule 99% and keep us divided, domesticated, and docile. They do it with their controlled media which keeps the SLAVES fighting the SLAVES. To win we must IDENTIFY our common enemy which is the fascist, New World Order central bank mafia. To win we must UNITE against fascism as our parents and grand-parents did 70 years ago!

To win back our sovereignty we must control our own separate local monetary systems which are created without debt. Currently our coins are issued without the Federal Reserve, AND without usury which fund our own enslavement.

We must UNITE and defeat our common enemy. We must do this without waiting for a vote from corrupt politicians or a corrupt system.

This 1 minute trailer promotes the 1hr presentation which offers truths which very few “well informed” patriots know.

12 reasons to watch the 1 hour presentation:

1. Instant and MASSIVE debt reduction for the US and the People individually.
2. Intant end to endless wars.
3. A plan which does not rely on a vote from a corrupt system.
4. Energy independence for the US and the People INDIVIDUALLY.
5. Immediate jobs and hiring in all sectors except the MIC, Police State, and bankster minions.
6. Recovery of stolen bankster loot.
7. Immediate empowering of Jeffersonian, local economies which do not have citizens putting their economic energy behind war, hate, GMO food, fluoride, offshoring jobs, reduced standard of living, slave wages in the US and 3rd world, false flags, engineered dollar collapse and WWIII.
8. Financing for existing social programs which can later be advanced or reduced depending upon local priorities.
9. Elimination of income and property taxes as they are theft and no moral act can result.
10. Restoration of the Republic over the tyranny of the Democracy.
11. Restore the compensation of PRODUCERS, over the parasitic usurers.
12. Mortgages paid off in 7 years rather than 30 as usury is eliminated. link

Occupy Wall Street? Who Controls America? A PowerPoint

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Checkout our latest video PowerPoint:
Who Controls America?

“You Say You Want a Revolution”

Occupy Wall Street protesters are now into their 3rd week in NY. Thousands of arrests have been made, but the dominant media is trying to ignore the event. The State wants you docile and dependent and just focused on bread and circuses. The State will use all of its presstitutes to keep giving you reasons why you shouldn’t support these anarchists, commies, union thugs, Soros operatives, leftists, anti-capitalists, and just plain “smelly people”.

The State CANNOT allow the Tea Party movement people from joining this group. The State requires divide and conquer so that 1% can continue to rule 99%. So, the Tea Party movement DID GET coopted by the Republican Party. And this movement of honest protesters just like the Tea Party will be the target of central bank financed operatives from the left. But, if the People can directly interact with one another they share many complaints.

Don’t trust the dominant media to explain what the majority of the protesters want. They will find the most radical, violent, or crazy in the group so that we don’t support them. It gives us an excuse to be lazy and watch Idol, or 10 hours of football. Caring about your children’s future will take more than a vote every 2 years. These people care about their standard of living which is being destroyed by our ruling oligarch. Just like the Tea Party. These people are against bank bailouts. Just like the Tea Party. These people recognize that both political parties are corrupt and don’t represent the People. Just like the Tea Party.

“Unite or Die” Don’t let the bankers media keep us from supporting other slaves on the New World Order plantation. Glenn Beck will do all he can to keep you from uniting with these people and sharing ideas for solutions. By the way, why did Glenn Beck had the Tea Party “occupy Washington”. Why? Does anyone really think the power structure is there? Beck wants you to think the politicians are in charge. Where do the politicians get their campaign money?

On that point, let’s investigate who is really in charge of America. Should we occupy Wall Street, Whitehouse, Congress, the Federal Reserve, or elsewhere? Who is the enemy?

Checkout my PowerPoint presentation to see who’s at the top of the power pyramid. The TRUTH will surprise you. The Tea Party, Beck, the left, right, and Paul’s all have it wrong.

Have you subscribed to our blog yet. Do so and receive a free dollar collapse “survival list”! This list was compiled by individuals who survived Argentina’s peso and Soviet Union collapse. Things that are simple, cheap, and easy now will become GOLD during a collapse. What items are excellent to barter with at spontaneously created black markets which always occur during collapse? Find out by subscribing and get the list for free.

Hollywood; Art Imitates Life

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This is a collection of 3 clips (“Listen to the Dude,” “Wag the Dog,” and “Goodfellas”). Each video will play automatically after the next. Sit back and enjoy!

The Federal Reserve Purposely Collapsing the US Economy

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NEW: Alan Grayson Grills Ben Bernanke on Foreign Lending (07/21/09)

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Vlad – “The Struggle”

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We are pleased to announce the debut of a new voice in the organized effort to abolish the federal reserve and bring about true change… His name is Vlad and he is not afraid to speak up in our defense. He has just released his first album entitled “The Struggle” and we are told that plans for a sequel are already in the making.

Listen to “The Struggle” and purchase it on iTunes or Amazon MP3:

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badgeitunes61x15dark Vlad   The Struggle Vlad   The Struggle

 Vlad   The Struggle

The Struggle

Artist: VLAD

Label: VLAD Records

Genres: Hip Hop/Rap, Rock

Release Date: 04-June-2009

Original Release Year: 2009

UPC: 859701666097

Recording Location: VLAD Studios

 Vlad   The Struggle

pixel Vlad   The Struggle

Download Two FREE Tracks Now!!!!

free download

FREE DOWNLOAD: Media Remix (Sly Fox Cover)

FREE DOWNLOAD: Media (Sly Fox Cover)

These songs have been cut from the album and instead have been made available for download free of charge. Enjoy!

Lt. Col. Robert Bowman’s Speech pt. 1

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Lt. Col. Robert Bowman’s Speech pt. 2

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Joshua Parrish Speech pt. 1

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