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Marines Muster to resist New World Order central bank tyranny.

November 3, 2011 by  
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As the central bankers purposely collapse the dollar. The People are responding with different movements. The Tea Party, Occupy Wall St, and the Ron Paul Revolution.

Each of these movements has captured the HONEST ENERGY of their followers. The people are rightly angry, and frustrated about the corruption of their institutions. Unfortunately, the leadership of each has wrongly identified the enemy/the tyrants.

This step is far and away the MOST important step. Once one understands the true source, and cause of the problems in our society, then strategies and tactics can be implemented.

We must act quick because the New World Order is engineering WWIII as they always do whenever their debt based money systems collapse. The problem is all of our dominant media is controlled by the same people who have corrupted all of our institutions. We are controlled by various fascist control systems where governments have colluded with corporations to form monopolies which destroy competition.

What monopolies? 1. Federal Reserve money monopoly. 2. Two party political monopoly. 3. corporate news network monopoly just for starters.

The People are now beginning to see past these control scams thanks to the internet. Despite that, even leaders on the internet are often “loyal opposition” too. The truth is out there, but one must dig a bit deeper to expose the deep, dirty truth.

Our dominant media has taught us that the “radical Muslims” are the enemy to the US. Well, it’s well known on the internet that international bankers have financed all sides of US wars for at least 200 years.

This is big news! The central bankers funded Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Saddam, Noriega, and bin Laden. They are all hired “agent provocateurs” to create a boogyman for the State to grow its power.

Well, the story goes a bit deeper and the evidence is right on the back of a buck. Look there and you’ll find a Star of David there ever since the US was bankrupted in 1933. In affect the Fed is the real government of the US. The creditor makes all the big decisions when any entity is in bankruptcy. This is why the Fed got a bailed out despite 90% resistance from the People.

The political belief of the central bankers from the Fed is Israel first. In fact our government is filled with duel US-Israeli citizens whose PRIMARY allegiance is to Israel. Due to this influence, the US fights Israel’s enemies. Israel has been caught numerous times engineering “false flag” events/”frame ups” to blame on Muslims. This way the US spends its energy, blood, and treasure. “The USS Liberty incident” is an excellent example of this.

This is a tough topic to digest as it runs concurrent to everything we’ve been programmed to believe. Everything our dominant media teaches confirms “Muslims” are evil. And “Jews” are victims.

Well, we need not watch a TV very long to recognize that it is filled with deceptions about what is important, how we are defective, and what synthetic drugs we must take to make us whole. These are all lies meant to destroy our minds, and make us domesticated.

Meanwhile, as the State offers “bread and circuses”, thousands of innocents are dying needlessly ON BOTH SIDES. Please take some time to study this deeply controversial topic. As peace activists, we advocate no violence to anyone, anywhere. We merely wish to expose the “whole truth”. And with the light of truth, we shall be set free.

Marines are stepping forward to point out how we have been lied to in order to support endless war. Peace and blessings to Jew, and gentile alike.