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Biblical Debt Jubilee! Say it to yourself!

December 1, 2011 by  
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The Bible warns against usury 15x as it is mathematically certain to confiscate all wealth over time.

This will occur whether the money is backed by gold, silver, paper, or digital forms. This will occur even if we “end the fed.”

The Bible recommended a debt Jubilee each 50 years as the remedy to concentration of wealth which occurs though color of law.

The bankers are engineering WWIII, we better fix this situation quick.

What is your solution to this problem? We Are Change Colorado is offering $1000 for the best 3 minute video solution to solve this problem.

In the link below, the Bank of England suggests we should just start over with $5k each.’s-start-again,-says-king-201112014621/

Here’s my attempt at a solution. Please, tell me what you think! We can’t rely on an election, and a vote from the corrupt who passed the bailouts etc.

Please give this some honest consideration.


$1000 3 Minute Solution to save the world!

Here’s how a video I made to explain how usury has a 100% mathematic certain chance of confiscating all wealth over time.

Usury is an asset confiscation racket!