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Historic monetary debate recorded video. Gold/silver vs Greenbacks vs mtnHours vs Bitcoin

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Monetary debate with Adam Kokesh, Bill Still and Wayne Walton



The most important topic facing humanity is monetary reform. Why? The “money power”
is the true sovereign of planet earth. Governments and corporations are simply revenue
collectors, minions and patsies.

The “den of thieves” has dominated humanity by focusing on monetary control. They rule with a tiny minority.

Fortunately, we can regain sovereignty with a small minority by FOCUSING on monetary reform.


Money is an IOU contract NOT the commodity itself.

Monetary Reform Debate on Adam vs the Man. Bill Still vs Bitcoin vs mtnHours

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Here’s the link from the show hosts Adam Kokesh and Michael Heise


Monetary Debate Show

We have a very special show that I am extremely proud to present to you guys all tonight.

Tonight on Adam Vs The Man we are having (to my knowledge) the first ever Alternative currency debate!

We will be having on the show Bill Still, creator of the documentaries “The Money Masters” and

“The Secret of Oz” to discuss the monetary system of state run fiat currencies, similar to a Lincoln Greenback.


We will also have on Wayne Walton to discuss the truly unique, local, and usury free system of organic

currency that he has created in Summit County, CO called mountain hours.


Also, we will be welcoming Charlie Shrem, the current CEO of, and an expert on the

rising digital currency known as Bitcoin.

We’ll have all of these heavyweights on at the same time to discuss alternative currency,

and I’m sure Adam Kokesh will weigh in about Gold/Silver.

please share this along and join us for this!


The debate will start at 10 PM eastern time, its a truly unique event and a very important topic

that I am so pleased to be able to present to you!


Monetary reform is essential to understand. This is THE MOST important issue facing humanity.

A tiny few people(largely psychopaths) rule humanity through the monetary system. For 1000′s

of years the “money power” has warred on humanity. We are debt slaves in perpetual scarcity,

police state and war. Fortunately, with correct monetary reform we can win our emancipation

with a tiny minority.

Go to this link for the show!

Money Debate Show


Private bankers/usury war on humanity is a great video to understand the importance of monetary

reform. All wars are financed by private usury. Most assassinations too.

“Follow the money”


\”All Wars are Bankers\’ Wars\”