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Monetary Reform Debate on Adam vs the Man. Bill Still vs Bitcoin vs mtnHours

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Here’s the link from the show hosts Adam Kokesh and Michael Heise


Monetary Debate Show

We have a very special show that I am extremely proud to present to you guys all tonight.

Tonight on Adam Vs The Man we are having (to my knowledge) the first ever Alternative currency debate!

We will be having on the show Bill Still, creator of the documentaries “The Money Masters” and

“The Secret of Oz” to discuss the monetary system of state run fiat currencies, similar to a Lincoln Greenback.


We will also have on Wayne Walton to discuss the truly unique, local, and usury free system of organic

currency that he has created in Summit County, CO called mountain hours.


Also, we will be welcoming Charlie Shrem, the current CEO of, and an expert on the

rising digital currency known as Bitcoin.

We’ll have all of these heavyweights on at the same time to discuss alternative currency,

and I’m sure Adam Kokesh will weigh in about Gold/Silver.

please share this along and join us for this!


The debate will start at 10 PM eastern time, its a truly unique event and a very important topic

that I am so pleased to be able to present to you!


Monetary reform is essential to understand. This is THE MOST important issue facing humanity.

A tiny few people(largely psychopaths) rule humanity through the monetary system. For 1000′s

of years the “money power” has warred on humanity. We are debt slaves in perpetual scarcity,

police state and war. Fortunately, with correct monetary reform we can win our emancipation

with a tiny minority.

Go to this link for the show!

Money Debate Show


Private bankers/usury war on humanity is a great video to understand the importance of monetary

reform. All wars are financed by private usury. Most assassinations too.

“Follow the money”


\”All Wars are Bankers\’ Wars\”

Secret history of Biblical Debt Jubilee revealed. Free book download today, and tomorrow. Excellent!

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Here is the link to the free download on Amazon/Kindle:

Jubilee book download.

Otherwise it is about $8. Don’t let the money stop you either way.

“Run with the Vision: Bible Prophesy Foresees a Powerful Debt Jubilee Breaking Financial Tyranny” -Henry Garman


I just finished reading this book myself, and it is imperative that as many people as possible do
as well. The book is an extreme page turner! The world is a mess, and the PTB offer only austerity measures as we head toward their
engineered “fiscal cliff”. This book gives historic details about the purpose and history
of Biblical Jubilee cycles which have been prevented by the “money power/Mammon” for at least
1000 years. A debt Jubilee is essential when any society wrongly permits usury upon money
creation, and lending as we do today.

Indeed, the FIRST thing Jesus did when he began His gospel was recommend a Jubilee forgiveness of debt.

(Year of our Lords favor which occurred each 50 years)He wanted Jews to follow God’s laws of Moses.

Luke recorded Jesus of Nazareth. (Luke 4:16-20, ESV)
Jesus read the scroll of prophet Isaiah:

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me,
because he has anointed me
to proclaim good news to the poor.
He has sent me to proclaim liberty to the captives
and recovering sight to the blind,
to set at liberty those who are oppressed,
to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor”

Jesus then said to those assembled at the Synagogue on the Sabbath.
“Today this Scripture has been fulfilled in your hearing”.

Please do re-read His words as in doing so we manifest the Jubilee, and the “Year of our Lords favor” in our minds.

Let us focus on what we intend to achieve not on being helpless victims. Let us move courageously toward our victory over evil with determination that we must create a better world.


Click the below link for the music video “Jubilee, Let it Be”

\”Jubilee, Let it Be\”
Libertarians, Greens, monetary activists, and Christians are supportive of the necessity of
a universal debt Jubilee.

Checkout this music video featuring Sheriff Richard Mack, Gary Franchi, Adam Kokesh, We Are Change CO,
Joby Weeks, Tisha Casida, Wayne Walton, and many others. It’s time to manifest a greater
future than the one offered by Mammon’s minions.


Please read the book which will give weight, and history to the necessity of this global
initiative which is embraced by both the right, and the left. Forward this as a gift to
all of your friends, family, neighbors and all of your lists.

NOTHING will offer the true spirit of Christmas to your Brothers and Sisters as well as this
free book on Kindle. Even if you are busy now, please take advantage of this free download
which is only available today and tomorrow. December 19-20, 2012. You may need to download
a free Kindle reader on Amazon.

Christ’s intention was forgiveness, not judgement for sin, and debt. A child today in the US is born into

about $50k of debt. Mammon has made debt slaves of us all even in the womb. When we compelled to

a life sentence of debt servitude we no longer serve God first. “Borrower is slave to the lender”.

Let debt Jubilee forgiveness be the spiritual message that Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddists, and atheists unite under

in order to create an abundant future free from Mammon, perpetual debt servitude, war, and police state.


Spread this message of Jubilee throughout the land! It is dependent upon us to ensure that all ears hear the Jubilee solution.

Act as Jesus did with his first gospel. Spread His spiritual message this Christmas season.

“Today this Scripture has been fulfilled in your hearing”.


Please consider joining the greatest cause in human history. The emancipation of global debt slaves is the human rights cause of all time!

Link to join Jubilee cause!

Occupy Wall Street? Who Controls America? A PowerPoint

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Checkout our latest video PowerPoint:
Who Controls America?

“You Say You Want a Revolution”

Occupy Wall Street protesters are now into their 3rd week in NY. Thousands of arrests have been made, but the dominant media is trying to ignore the event. The State wants you docile and dependent and just focused on bread and circuses. The State will use all of its presstitutes to keep giving you reasons why you shouldn’t support these anarchists, commies, union thugs, Soros operatives, leftists, anti-capitalists, and just plain “smelly people”.

The State CANNOT allow the Tea Party movement people from joining this group. The State requires divide and conquer so that 1% can continue to rule 99%. So, the Tea Party movement DID GET coopted by the Republican Party. And this movement of honest protesters just like the Tea Party will be the target of central bank financed operatives from the left. But, if the People can directly interact with one another they share many complaints.

Don’t trust the dominant media to explain what the majority of the protesters want. They will find the most radical, violent, or crazy in the group so that we don’t support them. It gives us an excuse to be lazy and watch Idol, or 10 hours of football. Caring about your children’s future will take more than a vote every 2 years. These people care about their standard of living which is being destroyed by our ruling oligarch. Just like the Tea Party. These people are against bank bailouts. Just like the Tea Party. These people recognize that both political parties are corrupt and don’t represent the People. Just like the Tea Party.

“Unite or Die” Don’t let the bankers media keep us from supporting other slaves on the New World Order plantation. Glenn Beck will do all he can to keep you from uniting with these people and sharing ideas for solutions. By the way, why did Glenn Beck had the Tea Party “occupy Washington”. Why? Does anyone really think the power structure is there? Beck wants you to think the politicians are in charge. Where do the politicians get their campaign money?

On that point, let’s investigate who is really in charge of America. Should we occupy Wall Street, Whitehouse, Congress, the Federal Reserve, or elsewhere? Who is the enemy?

Checkout my PowerPoint presentation to see who’s at the top of the power pyramid. The TRUTH will surprise you. The Tea Party, Beck, the left, right, and Paul’s all have it wrong.

Have you subscribed to our blog yet. Do so and receive a free dollar collapse “survival list”! This list was compiled by individuals who survived Argentina’s peso and Soviet Union collapse. Things that are simple, cheap, and easy now will become GOLD during a collapse. What items are excellent to barter with at spontaneously created black markets which always occur during collapse? Find out by subscribing and get the list for free.