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Support a Mom and Pop business which accepts mtnHours Local Currency

August 23, 2013 by  
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Please help!

Would you please so kind to help with a few clicks of your mouse?

Who are YOUR heroes? Mine are local, indy businesses which have the courage to accept mtnHours local currency. Especially, brick and mortar business. They are “being the change” in the most fundamental way.

If you are a Love Revolutionary; they are part of our tribe.

La Perla Mexican Restaurant in Silverthorne is one of these. The owners there accept mtnHours. Libertarian Bill Still and Green Party VP nominee Cheri Honkala have each gone there to spend mtnHours.

Here’s how you can help these Love Revolutionaries.

We’re trying to promote their business to get ranked higher on Google. This can be done by simply sharing, liking and commenting on their promo video below.

Please click on the link and go to youTube and comment directly there. uShineVideo is my youTube channel where we promote mtnHours members.

Comment, like, share.

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