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SNL – Barack Obama’s Accomplishments

October 8, 2009 by  
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SNL – Obama Accomplishments from theRedPillRadio on Vimeo.


5 Responses to “SNL – Barack Obama’s Accomplishments”
  1. Grace Brown says:

    Barack Obama is the best democrat president in my opinion. he makes the best judgment and foreign policies.. `

  2. Ekaterina says:

    anything original.he plieiarazgs his speeches from dead presidents and he’s in bed with foreign oil and he is incapable of telling the truth and he cannot make up his own mind he has no courage of his convictions Life coach this guy never had any mentors only Black Supremacists!!References :

  3. Bob says:

    wright. Goes to show how no child left behind didnt work. Alot of u boys got left wyaayy behind the rest. Blame good old Bush your hero.References : DUBYA

  4. Wenchang says:

    Det er nesten til e5 grine av, men de ender opp med McCain, vet dere (om ne5 ikke Romney snart gjf8r et kebepmjyks).Men NB! altse5: Jeg he5per det oppfattes som en pessimistisk merknad.

  5. Naldo says:

    Svogeren min hadde ham som foreleser – han var visst like egnrsjeaende som foreleser som i talene sine. Og ja, hele min Chicago-baserte svigerfamilie heier sterkt pe5 Obama…

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