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mtnHours Local Currency buys Bud

April 22, 2012 by  
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Alcohol prohibition was a scam for big government.

Bud prohibition is the exact same thing.

mtnHours local currency is an organic money system which supports organic producers.

In CO MMJ is legal for patients with licenses(permission from the State)

In 2 weeks mtnHours has 22 businesses signed up to accept it. $50(5 hours)/3 months is given to all local, independent businesses which agree to accept in return. Any business or individual can refer other business to join and receive $20(2hours). That newly referred business will receive $50 each 3 months.

There is no cost to businesses to join the currency cooperative at any time.

There is ZERO risk to the businesses who can trade their mtnHours for FRN’s or silver at anytime.

We are planning an educational event to promote local currency as a solution to globalist bank tyranny for the 4th of July. Come to Summit County, CO and use our local currency as a sovereign alternative to the Fed.

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