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MSM covers up the collapse of WTC#7

September 18, 2011 by  
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Most Americans have never heard about the collapse of World Trade Center #7. WTC #7 was a 47 story building which was not hit by a plane and with only minor office fires collapsed into its own footprint at about 5:20 9.11.01. View for yourself how this building fell at free fall speed consistent with a controlled demolition.

WTC #7 collapse not known by most New Yorkers even 10 years later!

Meanwhile our controlled dominant media wants you to focus on being fearful, angry, and supporting wars without end. Remember Orwell’s 1984? Perpetual war for perpetual peace? We live in a world where our beliefs are shaped by the TV. The TV news doesn’t show us about the collapse of WTC #7. The TV news is not interested in the truth, and because of this the People don’t trust it. This is why the dinosaur media is dying and being ignored. And this is why the dominant media got bailout money from the Federal Reserve. It’s not about truth, it’s about control over our minds.

We must honor the victims of 9.11 by honoring the truth, and letting ourselves face the frightening questions which have still not been answered by our government. No answers, no wars for the State.

The victim’s family members are asking the same questions 10 years after the event.

The Prince of Peace wants “do unto others” and not be afraid. The devil uses fear as tool for deception.


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