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Jubilee 2012 victory THIS year. Join the

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Press the link below to sample the peaceful, REVOLUTIONARY radio show which is creating a movement:        GWB.Monks.edited.32112

Are YOU a keeper, or abolitionist of usury?


Weekly Wednesday national radio show committed to the Jubilee 2012 movement!

The show is on right before Alex Jones on the same network.

Free listen line.760-569-7709.


Universal debt Jubilee 2012.
Learn about it and join here.

“The people crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ONLY ones who ever do”   –  Let’s create a real-life miracle THIS YEAR!


Do you like the nuts, and bolts of monetary theory? Don’t expect the truth about money from politicians, bankers, or the press-titutes.

Architects and Engineers for Money Truth

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