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Jubilee TV #5. Friday 10.9 7PM Est. Putin as usury puppet East.

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144k Exodus Jubilee TV 5 300x168 Jubilee TV #5. Friday 10.9 7PM Est. Putin as usury puppet East. Punk’d again: WWIII & Usury East vs Usury West.

It’s sad to watch how many “truthers” & “Christians” are being deceived by Putin. That Putin’s destruction of ISIS is “Christian” and valiant. Sadly, we’re being duped again. We’ll explain how
to tell, if ANY person works for God or Mammon.

Jubilee TV Episode #5 Happy Hour!
Biblical Monetary & Land Reform
Friday 10.9.15 at 7-9PM Eastern.

The world’s leading Bible-based economic reformers. usuryFree Jubilee monetary reform included 100% debt forgiveness, usuryFree monetary reform and everyone with a land inheritance. Moses & Jesus didn’t wait for a vote, majority or permission to proclaim Jubilee.

“My house, my rules”(self-issued money=release) -Cory K. Peterson
“Putin: Usury East vs Usury West” -Henry Garman
“144k Manifesto” -Wayne Walton.

Know your enemy! If you don’t understand usury & Jubilee,
the Banksters will dupe you every time.

Click the link below to register for the free webinar.


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