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HQ – 20 Minutes with the President

November 15, 2009 by  
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5 Responses to “HQ – 20 Minutes with the President”
  1. CJ says:

    This is a high quality video, I think. Very Entertaining also!

  2. holidaychock says:


  3. shane says:

    just the fact we cant easily get this done is enough evidence to force it!!!

    • RGH says:

      You are very right Shane – and that is because there is “lots of furtile imaginations at work” – and ‘very’ little tangible evidence!

      “Just the FACTS”

  4. RGH says:

    The HQ-20 video was nicely done in an effort to reach no worthwhile end. It is an amalgamation of slick blip-verts which when put all together, say nothing.

    9-11 attack was a conspiracy! – Really? Let’s probe that one later. Right here – right now – we [all] have (((our))) nation’s republic under the worst threat of being quietly collapsed, from the inside out, ever faced by the United States of America.

    That collapse is being brought to bear not from some mighty foreign war machine – but rather by *well coordinated* economic attacks, production trauma and back-breaking debt. It was only a matter of time, but our enemies have finely discovered America’s “Achilles heal” – MONEY!

    The international banks and power-money syndicate’s have always lusted for complete power over America’s GNP wealth, they are now real close to getting it – through aid, (and very possibly collusion), with the current corruption running this country from Washington.

    (Gee! Why don’t you all invest such energy in connecting the dots in this scheme? You can bet that [sic] main stream Media sure as hell is not going to – they’re in on it!)

    If the American Constitution, the Declaration of Independance, all that – (including 9-11) – is pulled-down nothing else will matter ’2 cents worth’ anymore. NOTHING!


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