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“Bible Beats Banksters” Free PDF on Biblical Money

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Our ancient ancestors suffered as usurped, oppressed, broke, debt slaves as we do today. By listening to their lessons we can emancipate ourselves from Babylonian captivity just as they did. “Babylon” means confusion. Confusion as to; WHO is the enemy? Confusion as to; WHAT is the root cause evil?

The Banksters stay in power by deception. The Banksters want you to think that patsy governments, police and politicians are the problem. But, those entities can be trained with money. Just like a dog owner trains a dog’s obedience with treats. The Banksters already receive the benefit of the NAP. We can too, when we pay the enforcers.

Remember, Jesus got violent with the “money lenders” not the mercenary Romans/government.

We must realize that the Great Destroyer is the Great Deceiver; the Father of Lies. But, we rational patriots refuse to believe that God or the devil exists. ”The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist”

Satanism does NOT require worshipping a red demon with a tail, horns and pitch fork. Satanism is simply: “Do what thou wilt”. Man’s law based on reason instead of obedience to God’s law. Nowhere on planet earth are Jews, Christians or Muslims obedient to God’s law with respect to money. Most Christians have been brainwashed to believe they don’t need to obey Mosaic law.

Mosaic law requires usuryFree money and Jubilee debt forgiveness each 50 years.

The Bible is cyclical story of humanity being obedient and free VS disobedient and enslaved. Christianity with usury is actually Satanism. That’s why so many people dislike Christianity. Christianity has been usurped by the Banksters. Why? Christians are completely disobedient to the law of Moses. Christians serve Mammon not God.

The Bible is the good news that we can quickly emancipate ourselves by serving God by refusing the Mark of the Beast. Otherwise known as the usury-based Federal Reserve Note. We must all stop feeding the Beast which is destroying us! In order to do so; we must issue our own money.

Watch “Officer of Peace” by the Wandering Monks music video for a rough vision of the usuryFree Jubilee Love Revolution.

Anti-monopoly money is issued by the “have-nots”. No need for gold, silver, Bitcoin, banks, central banks, governments, a vote, waiting or a majority. And as we are ruled with a tiny minority; we can win with a tiny minority. Direct action monetary reform with zero monopoly over issuance. How?

A restaurant owner issues money when they sign a gift certificate. That’s PRODUCER issued money without inflation, monopoly, counterfeiting, force, centralization or usury/interest. As a local community can issue football game tickets without over-issuance/inflation/fraud; they can issue money too.

Paper/digital money technology is the ONLY form of money controlled by the “have-nots”. And don’t demonize the technology. Just like “guns don’t kill; people do”. Paper/digital money doesn’t over-issue/inflate; people do. Local, producer issuance is the key to honest control of quantity.*

No other solution will win our emancipation. Why? The Creator made us; and He knows how to heal us.

Please read the free, 11 page PDF. “Bible Beats Banksters”.


1. Usury NOT paper/digital money/govt force is the root cause evil of our money system.

2. Jubilee returns stolen land to the “have-nots” as their inheritance. No other revolution includes land reform, debt forgiveness, release of prisoners and restoration of the land.

3. NAP supported for a voluntary society.

4. Gold/silver are loyal-opposition monetary reform controlled by the 1% Banksters.

5. The “have-nots” issue money backed by the “soul power” or vocation of passion. Just like a restaurant owner issues a gift certificate.

6. This monetary reform revolution is already being implemented in Summit County, CO.

7. Over a dozen links to videos, training, testimonials, news coverage all included with click-able links.

8. Since we are ruled with a tiny minority; we can win with a tiny minority. We need to recruit the businesses/utilities required to sustain life.

So, what’s it going to be? Will you research God’s plan for the epic win? Or, will you keep wasting your time on Man’s solutions to a problem created by Man’s law of “do what thou wilt”?

*Note: Hour Money/Mountain Hours has been tested by Adam Kokesh, Bill Still, Gary Franchi, Luke Rudkowski, Sheriff Richard Mack, Jordan Page, Joby Weeks and Green Party VP Nominee Cheri Honkala.

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