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“The Kingdom Dream: from Bank Colony to Art Colony.” Download podcast for paradigm shift!

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podcast kingdom dream2 The Kingdom Dream: from Bank Colony to Art Colony. Download podcast for paradigm shift!


Don’t miss “The Kingdom Dream” audio.

Humanity needs a far better story than dollar collapse, Zombie Apocalypse, WWIV and survivalism.

The Banksters have deliberately paid the MSM and alternative media to promote these self-limiting futures. The “leaders” of the “truth movement” promote fear based survivalism, physical protesting and violent civil war.

Because we use Mammon’s money they will script our future. But, if we issue Hour Money we can have immediate abundance. We can script our own future.

Listen to “The Kingdom Dream: from Bank Colony to Art Colony”.

No need for voting, protesting, petitioning, dollar collapse, survivalism, bloodshed, austerity or violent conflict.

Listen to the Prophets for an immediate path to physical and mental emancipation.

Listen to this paradigm shift in consciousness. If you like the podcast; please subscribe and listen while you work, workout, drive or fly. This information is the most highly suppressed on planet earth. The usuryFree Jubilee Monetary Reform Podcast is Kryptonite to the Banksters!

Jubilee resolves conflict without violence as debt slaves unite against the debt masters instead of fighting with one-another.