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GROUNDBREAKING! usuryFree Jubilee Podcast!

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ufj.redemptionSong 270x300 GROUNDBREAKING! usuryFree Jubilee Podcast!


“How long will they kill our Prophets”…. “Until we fulfill the Book”

Are you ready for the Greatest story ever told to be fulfilled? The biggest upset in history? David vs Goliath?

In the physical world Mammon has full spectrum dominance. However, in the spiritual world; keepers of the usuryFree Jubilee have over-welming superiority. When we obey Sacred Economics our soul power will vastly outshine Mammon and its minions.

Problem: The United States and all planet earth is a Bank Colony. Debt will continue to grow to eventually consume all human and natural resources. Mammon hires puppet government and militarized police to ensure that he gets his last “pound of flesh”. Everything we hate. The banksters love and finance.

Solution: Our ancient ancestors suffered as debt slaves under Mammon as we do today. Thankfully, they’ve told us exactly how to emancipate ourselves. Here’s the “good news” for humanity’s rebirth, the 2nd Coming and our Journey to the Promised Land.

Details? Did you know usuryFree money can finance social/civil programs without violating the Non-Aggression Principle(NAP)? Did you know we can have a fixed value currency like an “inch” that never inflates? Did you know that regular people can issue money for free that can be spent globally without currency exchange fees? Did you know that artist of all types can work in a very short work year in the vocation of their passion?


Find out more on our free usuryFree Jubilee Podcast!


This isn’t just idol talk. We have an operating usuryFree money system. “Be the Change” = “Be Benevolent Bankers”. Please give the usuryFree Jubilee Podcast a try. It’s not like anything else that exists. Meanwhile, its firmly planted in Mosaic LAW which forbids usury/money monopoly.


Wayne Walton

Monetary Reform Tele-Summit Saturday 1PM Eastern. How we can win in less than 1 yr.

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Live stream: usuryFree Jubilee Tele-Summit across 3 continents.

Time: 1PM Eastern. 11AM Mtn.

Why watch? Monetary reform can emancipate humanity in less than a year. Since our true enemy is simply fear; there’s no technical reason why we can’t win very quickly. Please click on the link and submit questions you may have!

Definitions: usury = money monopoly forbidden by the Jesus & Mosaic law. Jubilee = debt forgiveness & return of stolen land along with the rebirth of human self-determination.

Click on the link to register for the Tele-Summit where you can ask questions about how to implement the usuryFree Jubilee.

This is a path for humanity to win emancipation in less than a year.