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Christian Money: Believe in yourself and issue Money!

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ufjChristmas5 440x1024 Christian Money: Believe in yourself and issue Money!

usury: money monopoly of issuance by the elite. Usurpation

usuryFree: money issued by the “have-nots”. Sovereignty

This is how Jesus wanted us to beat the banksters which invented governments to be their mercenaries for tyranny.

The enforcers will PREFER working for humanity and getting paid with our self-issued money. Then they can honor their oaths AND feed their families, pay mortgages etc.

Love is the answer!

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After 100 Years of the Fed; when will we use Christ’s plan to beat the Banksters?

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ufjChristmas2 300x161 After 100 Years of the Fed; when will we use Christs plan to beat the Banksters?Whanna beat the Banksters? For real?

“In order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven; we must become again like a child”
(That means you need to unLearn what Mammon has programmed you to believe
about money. Especially, if you think money should be gold, silver and Bitcoin.
Money is a contract NOT a commodity. The elite control commodities.)

Jesus knew the Way.

Please watch “Christmas and the 100th Anniversary of the Fed” to understand Christ’s monetary reform plan.

The MSM and alternative media will typically promote monetary reform systems which charge a fee to use. Gold, silver and Bitcoin are expensive to acquire. Alternatively, barter is free and so is usuryFree money.

usuryFree money is issued by the “have-nots” for free.

Please share this message of hope this Christmas!

We all know how Congress betrayed the People on December 23, 1913 by voting in favor of the Federal Reserve Act. They did this during near the Christmas holiday when Americans were focused on other things. But, do you know about the other relationship between financial tyranny and Christmas? Jesus fought the banksters in His day too.

Jesus Christ reserved His ONLY violent act for the “money lenders”. But, this was 2000 years before the Federal Reserve and His society was using silver shekels? What evil could the “money lenders” be perping, if there was no Fed and no paper money? Jesus was enforcing the LAWS of Moses which forbid usury. Usury means money monopoly and ANY interest charged to use it. Jesus names usury the “den of thieves” or Mammon.

Only the Bible correctly names the “money power” as the root of all evil. Republicans say progressives are the root of all evil. Progressives say corporations are the root of all evil. Libertarians say paper money, or the Fed is the root of all evil. Anarchists say that governments are.

However, Jesus correctly blames usury as the root of all evil. Long before Republicans, progressives, corporations, the Fed and governments; the “money power” was enslaving humanity. The “money monopoly” exists entirely on its own. In fact, Mammon invented Republicans, progressives, governments, corporations, and the Fed. Mammon invented socialism, fascism, capitalism and communism in order to divide and conquer humanity. The “money monopoly” rules with a tiny minority through engineered conflict. The “money power” invents Hegelian Dialects which don’t threaten the GENUINE “root cause” evil.

Remember, for every 1000’s hacking at the branches of evil; one strikes the root. Jesus struck the root. Eliminating government, corporations, the Fed, progressives, Republicans, socialism, capitalism and paper money strikes the branches of evil.

The Prince of Peace despised Mammon and tossed the “money lenders” silver shekels. They used silver based money monopoly to rule the people. The golden calf is the icon for “false idols” which are controlled by the elite. usuryFree money is issued by the “have-nots” not the elite. usuryFree money is also free like barter. Jesus knew that the “den of thieves” would use various forms of monopoly money to wage war on the One Love of the human spirit. We would be turned into permanent debt slaves with perpetual monetary scarcity.

This is why Jesus demanded corrupt Jewish priests follow Mosaic LAW which requires regular debt forgiveness Jubilees. “Remember the Sabbath and keep it Holy” is the LAW for 7 and 50 year debt Jubilees. In His first gospel Jesus read from Isaiah 61 and proclaimed Jubilee. Jesus’ GREATEST passion was to fight the bankers.

Jesus didn’t want governments, banks or corporations to issue monopoly money in any form. Jesus didn’t value gold, silver, Federal Reserve Notes or Bitcoin. He didn’t worship commodities. The most precious thing to Him was His children. He wanted all God’s children to issue money themselves so that THEY would remain sovereigns without subjects. Our “soul power” is what back spiritual money! He knew that, if His children gave their power to issue money away; they would be dominated by evil for centuries.

Think about this as Christmas approaches. This is Jesus Christ’s birthday. Don’t get Him something YOU care about. Get Him what He was most passionate about. He was passionate about humanity resisting evil by following the LAW which requires usuryFree money and a debt Jubilee. Don’t be distracted by dozen’s of Mammon’s financed deceptions. Jesus is “the way, the truth, the life”. Jesus wants His children to issue their own money without monopoly or a fee. He wants them to live without perpetual debt and scarcity.

“No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Mammon” Matthew 6:24

Simply by using Mammon’s Federal Reserve Notes we violate the LAW and serve Mammon.

Please take some time to think about this this Christmas season. It’s time for humanity to reclaim its sovereignty from the “den of thieves”. Our Redeemer showed us exactly how to do it! Regardless of what your particular cause is: it will NOT be cured until we reclaim our power. We can only do this by issuing our own money.

History repeats and we face the same evil that Jesus did in His day. The problem and solution are the same. Joshua manifested a debt Jubilee and Heaven on Earth known as the “promised land”. Humanity will achieve its true potential when we observe sacred economic LAW. The usuryFree Jubilee has always been the ONLY genuine revolution which threatens the “money power”. This is the path to peace, unity, liberty and abundance.

Hey, it’s not your fault that you don’t know this. The Church has been sold out since Jesus’ time. They work for Mammon too. Like all of our institutions. Here’s the most important thing to understand. Whoever controls money controls the society. The money power can control societies without governments and corporations.With money monopoly over gold silver Bitcoin or FRN’s, Mammon rules humanity.

Please realize we support the NAP. However, a free market for currency cannot exist as the banksters own all the land, commodities and utilities. Even if we eliminate all government and force. The “money monopoly” would still determine which currency we could use. We will be compelled to earn Mammon’s monopoly currency in order to pay mortgages, gasoline and utilities.

Even if 100 currencies exist; Mammon will still own the rewards system called “money”. Therefore, Mammon will still get us to “sell our souls” to earn scarce gold, silver, Bitcoin. Just like we do today with Federal Reserve Notes.

Usury usurps: Usury replaces the the natural sovereign with the Money monopoly. If you value your children as Jesus values his children: you’ll want for them to issue their own money too. That means you need to issue your own money in order to show them the path to emancipation.

This is no minor issue. Mammon is warring on humanity. Our food, water air and minds are being poisoned. Jess recongnized this and stood up and sacrificed his life for our DEBTS. This is why he’s known as our Redeemer.

Jesus Christ gave us a model for SPIRITUAL resistance to evil. Mammon has usurped authentic Christianity and replaced it with a false materialistic version. We cannot win a physical struggle with Mammon as they own all the land, commodities and natural resources. However, in the spiritual world Courageous Christ Consciousness has the advantage. This is why we must back our money with “soul power”. Once re-empowered, our souls united in common will be victorious.

Hello, my name is Wayne Walton. We’ve been full time monetary reform activists since we woke up in 2008. In that time we’ve made just about every mistake that you can. In order to speed up the enlightenment; we created a training video called 11 Mistakes Most Activists Make. We’ll share what NOT to do; and our spiritual secret weapons to achieve victory over Mammon.

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