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The People get a small victory* over the banksters!”

October 20, 2013 by  
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The People get a victory* over the banksters!

“Usury(love of money) is the root of all evil” Fortunately the usuryFree monetary reform revolution has started.

“Truth seekers” please watch this as you’ll see some of our progress. Outstanding coverage by Gary Franchi/N3. The private bankster(mall cops) run a false flag against Bruce Baumann/We Are Change Colorado and get caught red handed. The bank mercenaries purge themselves despite video documentation of their fabrications.

Bruce wisely promotes the LOVE REVOLUTION/organic food/ organic money/ mtnHours/mileHighHo­urs.

Dear libertarians the bunker, bombs, gold/silver and fear paradigm are losers. Truth and Love are the path. The Love Revolution requires a Love Currency: = “the Love Currency” = Get paid in the vocation of your passion in a 15-20 week work year. Force and fraud eliminated from the social, political and judicial systems. And MORE funding for social programs. This is the potential the usuryFree Jubilee movement.

This is the Achilles Heal to the banksters oligarch.

*The People paid for the fines not the individuals perpetrating the crimes. The banksters just invent the money and steal our commercial energy to back their paper. That’s why we need to issue our own money and let the bankers, politicians, athletes, entertainers and talking heads truly earn our money. “Time to flip pyramids”!

“Change the money, change the world!”

PS: And we can fix the Fukushima mess which is the greatest mortal threat facing humanity.