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The Jubilee Sheriff is the path to emancipation of humanity.

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Jubilee Sheriff

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The sheriff is the highest law authority in a county. Unfortunately, the existing sheriffs

are paid with private bank money. Therefore, they will represent the private bankers.
Private bankers’ usury is what has USURPED natural human sovereignty.

“He who pays the piper calls the tune”

Humanity isn’t paying law enforcement therefore it lacks self-determination.
The ONLY WAY humanity will regain autonomy is by hiring enforcers with
their money. Hour Money is based on human being’s energy. Therefore,
Hour Money serves humanity rather than dominates.

Fortunately, a money system is simply pieces of paper and a data-base.
Technologically, this is simple to initiate.

Humanity must PROVE that it can self-govern by creating its own money.
Until we do this we will remain divided and conquered debt slave who
perpetually complain and remain helpless. We don’t have power because
we are acting powerless.

It’s time for Hour evolution!