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Tea Party/Occupy UNITE and Get Everything they want with Local Currency

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Here is the MOST comprehensive plan to save the world you may ever find!


Please watch fun 1 minute video about uniting Tea Party, and Occupy

Tea Party and Occupy Unite 1 Minute Video


Save this EXTREMELY important audio file below about the mechanics of creating unity via a local currency.

Featuring Tristan Lear of Occupy Tampa, and local currency activist and promoter of

local currency for Tampa BAy



The State is offering us solutions: Police State, unemployment, bailouts, austerity, lower services, off-shoring jobs, endless war, and dollar collapse. But, if we open our hearts we can see that the People have some real solutions here offered in this one hour presentation.

Usury finances our fascist, NWO, corporate controlled media which keeps the SLAVES fighting the SLAVES. To win we must IDENTIFY our common enemy which is the fascist, New World Order central bank mafia. To win we must UNITE against fascism as our parents and grand-parents did 70 years ago!

To win back our sovereignty we must control our own separate local monetary systems which are created without debt. Currently, our coins are issued without the Federal Reserve, AND without usury which fund our own enslavement. If all our money was simply issued into circulation as our coins; we would have no national debt.

We must UNITE and defeat our common enemy. We must do this without waiting for a vote from corrupt politicians or a corrupt system.

This 1 minute trailer promotes the 1hr presentation which offers truths which very few “well informed” patriots know.

12 reason to listen to this discussion about organic money!

1. Instant and MASSIVE debt reduction for the US and the People individually.
2. Intant end to endless wars.
3. A plan which does not rely on a vote from a corrupt system.
4. Energy independence for the US and the People INDIVIDUALLY.
5. Immediate jobs and hiring in all sectors except the MIC, Police State, and bankster minions.
6. Recovery of stolen bankster loot.
7. Immediate empowering of Jeffersonian, local economies which do not have citizens putting their economic energy behind war, hate, GMO food, fluoride, offshoring jobs, reduced standard of living, slave wages in the US and 3rd world, false flags, engineered dollar collapse and WWIII.
8. Financing for existing social programs with newly born Hours credits.
9. Elimination of income and property taxes as they are theft and no moral act can result.
10. Restoration of the Republic over the tyranny of the Democracy.
11. Restore the compensation of PRODUCERS, over the parasitic usurers.
12. Mortgages paid off in 10 years rather than 30 with the same payment as usury is eliminated.

Below is the longer video initiative to create unity between Tea Party, and Occupy.

Tea Party/Occupy Unite Video Long


Victory in 90 Days with FOCUS on monetary reform. What are the benchmarks, and final goal?

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War has been waged against the People for 1000′s of years. Let’s get serious, and act like it.

What does VICTORY look like exactly?

What is the specific goal we wish for? What does victory look like? Is it perpetual debate? Is perpetual protesting the goal? Is bunkers, bullets, and fear mongering the goal? Is “education” the goal? Is “awareness” the goal?

We think R3VOLUTION to an abundant, voluntary, sustainable, sovereign, self-sufficient, health-filled, spiritual, and peaceful future is the goal.

Is it not true that ACTION trumps theory? Why not raise our requirements, if we expect to achieve something meaningful. Do you get your car fixed by a “engine theoretician”, or a mechanic? At we are money mechanics. We are not “talkers”

By controlling the money system we can achieve everything. Why don’t we make independence from the international money changers the goal? Why don’t we make our own monetary system the goal? is prepared to accept a 90 day challenge to achieve TRUE milestones. Tell us what YOU believe victory looks like. How many Fed free transactions? How many businesses? How about a person who lives without FRN’s? How about hiring a de jure sheriff?

We want our customers to pick. The People who will be using our innovated money system are our customers. We accept this marketing challenge to fulfill what our customers want. Defined, scientific, measurable, exact outcomes that will capture the heart of the People. Challenge accepted. Game on. Bring it. We are ready.

This is the specific military influenced strategy plan that we will be using. Please do the same where you live. We have a 2 hour per day radio show dedicated to showing you how to create a local currency where you live. “Not talk radio. Do radio” Let’s create history, our legacy, and a miracle together. Quickly

Will our monetary system everyone in Occupy, Tea Party, Ron Paul Revolution, and everything in between can get what they want. PERIOD. Actually, more than they imagined. Get excited.

R3VOLUTION is a participation sport, not a perpetual debate.

Here is the 90 day process strategy for achieving Victory


Note: Tampa Bay Area has its own local currency called  We pay local indy biz $200(20Hours) each 3 months. Anyone can refer an new biz and earn $100(10Hours)

Please support a self-sufficient, abundant future by supporting, promoting, expanding clearWaterHours

mtnHours Local Currency Replaces Fear with Peace of Mind. Get excited!

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The elite have their own monetary system which offers them “peace of mind”.

Now, the People have their own too. Think of how many rat race problems in your own life that could
be solved with more money. Really, think about it. What about interest free loans?

20 years of a 30 year mortgage is almost entirely interest. We eliminate it.
Hour money will outcompete the existing system.

We are creating a national network of interest/debt-free, local currencies. Since each are
denominated in Hours they can be traded among system. “Time is Money” and the poor
have as much as the rich. Therefore TIME is the ONLY commodity which should be
used for money.

This initiative has support from the Left, and the Right. And even those who don’t care. Please read press coverage!

Mountain Hours Local Currency is Gaining Acceptance!

Even better. Local indy businesses get $200(20Hours)/3 months just to be a member. And they get FREE marketing which
financed with the local currency itself. IE: marketers get paid to promote. Refer a biz and get $100(10Hours)

We need activists from across the country to become MARKETERS. And get paid to change the world.,,,,,
are set up now. What will the money in you wallet be called?

If you live in the Tampa Bay area, go to and learn about our new local currency system.

This barter network has 26 businesses using it after 2 weeks. Why not list your and get paid $200(20Hours)/3 months too?

Let’s get busy and change the world!

If you have not already, please sign up for this Blog, and we will keep sending details. Every major city should have Hours money!

Truth “Activists” must become Local Currency Marketers in order to Win.

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Truthers Must Change Strategy to Win

The People said: “The USS Maine was an Inside Job”
The bankers said: “So. What are you going to do about it?”
The People said: “Protest, educate, and vote”
The bankers said: “Thanks for being good debt slaves”
The People said: “We aren’t going away. We are very committed”
The bankers said: “Great. Enjoy our next hundred years of false flags, perpetual war, genocide, police state, assassinations, and political corruption”

There is no historic evidence that our existing strategy pays off. The People are aware that JFK was assassinated by conspiracy. Congress even voted to confirm their belief. Robert McNamara ADMITTED the Gulf of Tonkin incident was a “mistake”. So what?Voting, protesting, Occupying, “raising awareness”, educating has not changed the power structure. The banksters who perped these crimes did not go to face justice, or go to jail. In fact they ramped up their evil with 9.11.

The government has been bankrupted since 1933, and therefore the politicians don’t even make the decisions. We must stop trying to seek political solutions for a monetary problem. The PTB purposely feed of Judas Goats, and other phony solutions so that our energy is wasted. Then we become frustrated, and often just resign ourselves to defeat.

I have watched 2 separate hour long “round table” videos of truth activists/patriots/libertarian leaders which show this resignation to defeat. One was filmed in Minnesota about a month ago. One was filmed in Tampa at PaulFest. Mind you this was a round table of the top leaders in our movement. Both videos essentially agree that we must face a massive financial collapse before sufficient numbers of Americans will face pain then be willing to make significant change.

I don’t buy this defeatism. I am absolutely certain that we can achieve victory in a very short time. How fast? As fast as we can change the color of the pieces of paper that we call money. Months. In fact, we can achieve victory in a far more meaningful way than electing a puppet politician. However, we must be willing to seek an “out of box” solution.

Even better this solution does not rely on a vote, or phony savior. Rather than giving our power/money away to another phony savior; we keep it and grow it. “We are the leaders we have been waiting for”

It’s time for new a new strategy. Why not use the banksters’ strategy? A few, evil, FOCUSED individuals got together at Jekyll Island and created their own monetary system as a tool to control the planet. They FOCUSED, and won. Repeat they FOCUSED on monetary control, and won. Repeat. They FOCUSED on monetary control and won.

If we wish to win, we must model the same strategy. We must also recognize that as libertarians we will always be few in number. No matter, we can focus and win. To do so we must FOCUS on monetary reform.

Here are my top 10 Reasons For Truth Activists to become Local Currency Marketers

1. “Be the Change” “One does not change an existing reality by protesting it. One must create a new reality which makes the old one irrelevant.” We must tap into our power to create, rather than our power to destroy. Federal Reserve Notes have no power without our energy. Let’s put our energy into our own benevolent, debt/interest-free local currencies. We lend our money without interest. Imagine and interest free mortgage which is paid in 10 years for the same payment as a 30 year. Who wouldn’t want to get 20 years of their life back? Interest-free money OUTCOMPETES debt/interest money.

2. Get Paid. Creating a local currency is a self-financing revolution. For each local, indy biz that you, or anyone signs up you make $100(10Hours). The banksters get paid to enslave the People. We are getting paid to emancipate them. By growing your own local currency you can do what you love, and go full time. Your passion for truth, love, and justice will be rewarded by the currency. The non-aggression principle finally has its own monetary system, and creates credits for those who amplify the message.

3. Do what you do. As activists we often organize events, promote, make videos, logos, and use our passion to influence others. Businesses which join your new local currency system NEED those skills. Now you can get paid to do what you already do, and create a new system which makes the Fed irrelevant.

4. Size Doesn’t Matter. Most End the Fed/9.11 truth events draw very few people as most wish to remain asleep. No matter, with few numbers we can create organic money systems, and SEIZE POWER locally. We don’t need large numbers to have large influence.

5. Herd the Sheep. By controlling the money we can herd the sheep without scaring them with our wild(but true) conspiracy theories. By controlling money we can offer them the carrot of rewards, rather than the painful stick of truth.

6. Your Legacy. Life is short. Let’s kick ass and make our mark for being the true Greatest Generation which defeated Mammon for the first time in history. This is the first time in history where the debt slaves have nearly equal technology to communicate as the slave masters. With this technology our money system can have its own entertainment, news, sports, reality shows, politicians, or whatever.

7. Have Fun! Concerts, speakers, events, street theater can all be financed with our own local currency. Franchi, Kokesh, Page, Mack, Rebel Inc, the Wandering Monks, event organizers all received a small portion of their compensation for Rocky Mtn PUFF and/or PaulFest via, and Grow the systems through marketing, and we create our own economy.

8. Hire the Sheriff of de jure govt(not corporation). Once you can sustain life by using your local currency system. Hire the sheriff to end income/property taxes, victimless crimes, foreclosure based on usury contract fraud. Then grow hemp to make your community even more reliant with cars fueled with hemp oil. This is the basis for a universal Debt Jubilee.

9. We get what we want by helping others get what they want. Your local currency system creates new money to reward marketers to help local indy businesses fight Walmart, Lowes, Starbucks etc. Businesses, and all political factions will love you for helping to make your community more self-sufficient, and independent.

10. “Whoever controls the monetary system, is the the government” By controlling a monetary system you can create jobs, and fix problems the government refuses to. The State offers fear, austerity, and excuses. The People will gravitate toward your solutions which offer hope, abundance, and “peace of mind”. You will become a powerful leader in your community which will respect your out of box, powerful solution.

The shortest distance between to points is a strait line: Most people don’t want to be woken up. They remain blissfully ignorant, and avoid the pain. Let’s not try to change them. Often they get mad at the messenger. Rarely do we succeed. And it requires that we go on a very long journey to eventually end up at the same place as we could have without the pain. Let’s just go to the solution without the pain.

All human motivations break down to 2 things. Avoid pain, seek pleasure.

Ineffective Plan I

As “truth activists” we have been programmed to push a rock up a hill. People wish to avoid pain. The “truth hurts” and we push people toward it. First we will scare the crap out of them that 9.11 is an inside job. Then we have to tell them that the politicians are puppets, and the bankers are the government. They then go through a painful mourning. Many people won’t even go this far and will just hate you for being the messenger. Then they will donate, promote, support another phony politician. Now, the people are terrified and want to go build a bunker. Unfortunately, the same banksters will be in power when we climb out of our bunkers.

This entire process might take 6 months to a year or more.

Ultimately, the final solution is for the People to create their own local money. The ONLY, ONLY, ONLY way the People will be sovereign is if they control their own money.

Fortunately, these systems are technically simple to create. And they are fun to promote.

Innovated Successful Plan II.

Go right to the solution without the painful waking up process. An “asleep person” who uses our local currency is more valuable than an “awake person” who uses Federal Reserve Notes.

When we pitch mtnHours we just pitch the marketing benefits of being a member of a local currency cooperative.

1. You will have more money. 2. We do a free marketing video 4. We build you a free web page if you have none. 5. “Go local buy local” 6. Build community independence/self-sufficiency. As we control the money/rewards; we can offer dozens more benefits which would make someone a fool NOT to join the currency cooperative. Additionally, we can hire a staff to recruit more business, and create better marketing for those businesses.

People who join LOVE IT! It empowers them in a world which is constantly telling them that they don’t have power. Occupiers like it as it supports localism. Tea Partiers like it as is supports self-sufficiency. Business owners who don’t care about politics get more business because of our marketing, and the currency only works at their stores and not Walmart.

Everyone wins except the private usurers, and their minions. All the while marketers/promoters of the system are getting paid to create a fun, and fundamental R3VOLUTION.

We will affectively PROVE that the free market, and usury-free lending will outcompete totalitarian control. Everything is based upon voluntarism, self-sufficiency, and cooperation. As we build our networks of time based local currencies we will build an economic life raft for our Brothers and Sisters.

We will replace fear with “peace of mind”. History will remember us as the courageous leaders who took bold action at a time of crisis. We chose victory when most were resigned to defeat.

All the while we we have fun.

Anyone else wanna kick Mammon’s ass pronto?

Here is an excellent video to confirm that barter scrip is the poor people’s choice
for money during monetary collapse. Argentina, Turkey, Russia, and the US during
the Great Depression all did the same thing. Barter scrip is the People’s choice.
This is highly suppressed information as eliminates the private usurers from the
monetary system.

Click the link below for the video.

Argentina\’s Barter Scrip Solution in \”Money\”