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Elections are Political Theater for the Illusion of Choice

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“You have no choice, we have owners…it’s a big club and YOU ain’t in it” -George Carlin

Fact 1: 1861 the original US Constitutional Republic was mothballed as Lincoln could not get a quorum when the South walked out of Congress. The individual states were all separate countries each with their own separate constitutions. As slavery was WRONGLY built into the original Constitution with 3/5 representation for slaves; it was IMPOSSIBLE for Lincoln to free the slaves. Unless, the Constitution was rewritten. In 1871 a new corporate war Democracy Constitution was written and still active today.

The United States is a corporation just a your city, county, and state are all municipal corporations. They masquerade as governments, but you will find they are corporations with credit ratings in Dunn & Bradstreet.

“Reconstruction” meant reconstructing the Republic into a Democracy where “US Citizens” are corporate subsidiaries of the US corporation. When we register to vote we must testify we are “US Citizens”. “US Citizens” are corporate fictions/pieces of paper which have NO INALIENABLE rights.

We willingly give up our inalienable rights just as someone who joins the military does and is then subject to the UCMJ.

VOLUNTARY servitude is permitted under the 2nd 13th Amendment. The original 13th Amendment from the Republic forbid “titles of nobility” and “esquires” from holding office. Today, most who hold office are lawyers.

Fact 2: All of the 14th Amendment “US Citizens”/corporate fictions are pieces of paper in a stack in Washington DC. The “corporate persons” have a grand total of 3 Electoral College votes. 3 EC votes cannot effect an election.

Fact 3. In 1933 the corporate US war Democracy was bankrupted by the international bankers from the Federal Reserve PRIVATE money cartel. This was done on a borrowed gold/silver monetary system. When FDR ordered the gold to be confiscated it was turned into the CREDITOR of the bankruptcy. When any entity is in bankruptcy the CREDITOR makes all the big decisions. IE: The Federal Reserve is our real government. It is not just a corruptive influence. It is the sovereign. EX: 90% of Americans were against the 2008 bailout of somewhere between 1-2x US GDP.

Alas all the people and their children and all of their assets into perpetuity are pledged as collateral against the 1933 bankruptcy. This is why we are listed as “tenant/renter” on our deeds. We are paying international bankers rent on what we think we own.

Fact 4. We have been programmed since birth to “VOTE” in elections which are merely vestigial. The politicians are there for the illusion of representation.

Fact 5. All the “revolutionary” movements have been financed at the top by the central bankers to herd the sheep toward solutions which will NOT affect the powers that be.

Which movements? 1. Tea Party 2. Occupy Wall St. 3. Ron Paul Revolution.

All of the above revolutions are green revolutions as NONE even targets the specific enemy of the People precisely.

All three identify the enemy as the “government”, and the solution is to “vote”. OWS, blames capitalism for the corruption. However, a central banker can buy the largest company on Wall St with a click of a mouse.

The Ron Paul Revolution correctly points out that the Fed is the cause of the corruption. However, “End the Fed” won’t end debt based money creation which has a mathematic certainty to destroy any nation which uses it. The “money changers” have been around for thousands of years and have NEVER been beaten in a revolution.

They will take their flag down and give their enemies the illusion of victory. This is what happened in the American War for Independence. The Rothschilds financed both sides as is the norm. Once the war was over the “former Colonists” had massive debts. Rothschilds required that these debts be paid back in gold, and silver which the Eastern seaboard of the US lacks. Compounding debt on a commodity which one lacks is surely bondage. “The borrower is slave to the lender”.

Gold and silver commodities are tools for global control just as anyone would admit oil is today.

The true and specific enemy of the People of the world are debt based monetary systems. Usury is warned about 15x in the Bible.

Ron Paul protects private usury and “End the Fed” is the illusion of monetary reform. “Sound money” is a platitude like “hope and change”.

Bill Still is running in the phony election has the correct monetary reform policy of PUBLIC MONEY without interest. Still, Jefferson, Franklin, Lincoln all support the end of USURY money.

Bill Still is the producer of the best monetary history documentaries ever made: “Money Masters”, and “Secrets of Oz”. His new book is called “No National Debt”. Compare that to Ron Paul’s book: “End the Fed”. The US had a national debt before the Federal Reserve was established in 1913. Again, “End the Fed” offers the illusion of monetary reform. Having 10-20 private banks doing the same thing the Fed did previously is not revolution.

Usury is the original sin of mankind. Until we end it, the world will not know freedom from war, famine, corruption, and genocide.

Listen to the video where Ron Paul’s own brother, Wayne admits that the President is vestigial as the US is in bankruptcy since 1933.

Listen to me as I describe how sovereign States/governments are enslaved by USURY and gold money.


Please save this email/post as you will find it shocking and hard to digest. However, in time you will find everything to be true. Once you know the truth of your servitude, God will begin to show you the path to emancipation.

“None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who wrongly believe they are free”.  Hopefully, this information will help you begin the necessary path to REVOLUTION in your own mind. It is a painful process and grieve we must. When your done grieving, I have a step by step plan to take our power back from the parasitic usurers which feed off our commercial energy. The plan offers a peaceful, 100% certain remedy to our enslavement once embraced by the People.

Peace, wisdom, and enlightenment.

Wayne Walton

aka K Roc the “truth hammer”

A former Marines plan to save the world. Please critique.

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Here’s my sincere, step by step plan to save the world. YOU could be a full time activist, promoter, and real life hero!!   Contest on right now for $1000 and HERO welcome trip to CO.



A long time ago the Rothschild’s banking family decided to be the “change THEY wanted to be in the world”. With control of the monetary system this is achievable, and can be scripted out in advance. “What the mind can conceive, and believe, it can achieve”. Around 1900 one of their agents, Albert Pike wrote a letter about how they would organize 3 world wars to engineer their new world order. With monetary control they could herd the sheep with fake news, fake leaders, and fake solutions. All these forms of control are used to engineered crisis, to create conflict and war. All the while they would enslave the People further in debt, and tyranny. They trained the People to be divided, distracted, domesticated, and dependent.

With control of our own monetary system, we can REVERSE all of this. We have just as much a right to create AND control credit as Rothchilds/Rockefeller/Bernanke. Their system based on the impossible math of usury money creation will be eliminated. Usury is the original sin of mankind. Debt=Sin. Usury is the finance tool for the parasite of Mammon which is the great destroyer. Our entire new society is based upon the MATHEMATIC FACT that usury is hate.

Step 1. Create 1000‘s of local currencies issued debt free based on time unit of value. Time is a precious commodity which our controllers do not control. “Time is Money” “Time well spent” Local neighbors design a beautiful physical bill which represents the beautiful, natural, and significant ideas/concepts/sites/events in THEIR world. Anything that that specific community produces can be used to ENERGIZE the money. Pay people who PRODUCE food, water, energy, hemp/bud, aquaculture, farmers market structure, and housing. Zero interest loans for Maslow’s ESSENTIAL initiatives which are all designed to make that community as independent as possible.

Step 2. Hire/elect/pay a sheriff to end income/property taxes, and foreclosures.

Step 3. Sheriffs deputies form a organic militia of deputies which can form a of aikido experts who defend their society from NWO dispensary raids/FEMA inoculations/kidnapping/ and all victimless crimes.

Step 4. Broadcast each, different community as a reality show, and offer their initiative as an example to the world.

Step 5. Create a single centralized internet TV network to expose this revolution to inspire to the world: truVibe.TV

Step 6. Universal Biblical Jubilee where all debts are forgiven as they were based upon fraud/color of law/and usury deception.

Step 7. Guarantee all existing pensions, and benefits for those caught in the Matrix control system.

Step 8. Offer compassion, and safety to whistleblowers who name names.

Step 9. Offer compassion to a FRIGHTENED Smiegel who has his finger on the button.

Step 10. Use revenue and compensation tool to pay content producers, promoters and resellers of the internet channel as a subscription. is a direct marketing NON-PROFIT which sells a subscription of the above reality show. It will touch all with the promise of full time income potential for activists who liberate their Brothers and Sisters. This communication system will educate, entertain, and enlighten the People with non-corporate solutions/artists/news.

Direct marketing and multi-level marketing companies have a bad stigma as they have often been used as a Ponzi scam. Direct marketing is like any technology which can be used for good or evil. Ponzis are not cool as they are a pyramid and have a floor which is unsustainable. is cool as it is an upward facing V opened up to the universe which has INFINITE energy.
Benefits to sell subscribers: 1. 7 yr mortgages 2. No income/property taxes. 3. End foreclosure based on color of law/usury. 4. Universal debt Jubilee 5. Create bottom up economy based on localism as Jefferson imagined sans chattel AND debt slavery. 6. Create a spiritually based society which nurtures the soul instead of destroying it with fear/greed/debt. 7. Viewers have direct, interactive control of local initiatives to which increase their standard of living. “American Idol” technology used to vote. 8. Self-actualization of all the People on a Quality vs Trash TV initiative.

Step 11. Put the People on high alert for Sampson option false flag/EMP as frightened Smiegel considers suiciding himself than face judgement.

Step 12. The entire initiative INVERTS the pyramid power scheme, and creates an upward facing V to harness the wisdom of the Universe. The debt based fear, ego, material, Paternal society INVERTS to a love, ID, soul, Maternal society.

Step 13. Have weekly progress parties as public parties/festivals/concerts to PROVE love, and UNITY is the answer.

Step 14. Become immortal souls who remove Mammon from power. The first successful revolution in the history of man.

Step 15. The non-aggression principle(NAP) is the guide to all human interaction. No party may initiate violence or subcontract it to governments or corporations.

Step 16. Fund public initiatives through the monetary system, and voluntary, competitive charities.

Step 17. Free people are responsible for the poorest among them. Free marketers must show that they have compassion, and this voluntary economy leaves no one in poverty. Time for us to put up, or shut up and show that the agora can perform.

Step 18. Insist that each community experiment to find the highest standard of living.

The over-arching thrust of this plan is to liberate mankind. Allow our imaginations to soar once we harness our energy through our very own, local, organic monetary systems. Since each system is based on time unit of value, they can still be exchanged if both parties agree.

As time progresses, the People will gravitate toward quality. We will offer it.


Anyone ready for the Jubilee?


Marines Muster to resist New World Order central bank tyranny.

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As the central bankers purposely collapse the dollar. The People are responding with different movements. The Tea Party, Occupy Wall St, and the Ron Paul Revolution.

Each of these movements has captured the HONEST ENERGY of their followers. The people are rightly angry, and frustrated about the corruption of their institutions. Unfortunately, the leadership of each has wrongly identified the enemy/the tyrants.

This step is far and away the MOST important step. Once one understands the true source, and cause of the problems in our society, then strategies and tactics can be implemented.

We must act quick because the New World Order is engineering WWIII as they always do whenever their debt based money systems collapse. The problem is all of our dominant media is controlled by the same people who have corrupted all of our institutions. We are controlled by various fascist control systems where governments have colluded with corporations to form monopolies which destroy competition.

What monopolies? 1. Federal Reserve money monopoly. 2. Two party political monopoly. 3. corporate news network monopoly just for starters.

The People are now beginning to see past these control scams thanks to the internet. Despite that, even leaders on the internet are often “loyal opposition” too. The truth is out there, but one must dig a bit deeper to expose the deep, dirty truth.

Our dominant media has taught us that the “radical Muslims” are the enemy to the US. Well, it’s well known on the internet that international bankers have financed all sides of US wars for at least 200 years.

This is big news! The central bankers funded Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Saddam, Noriega, and bin Laden. They are all hired “agent provocateurs” to create a boogyman for the State to grow its power.

Well, the story goes a bit deeper and the evidence is right on the back of a buck. Look there and you’ll find a Star of David there ever since the US was bankrupted in 1933. In affect the Fed is the real government of the US. The creditor makes all the big decisions when any entity is in bankruptcy. This is why the Fed got a bailed out despite 90% resistance from the People.

The political belief of the central bankers from the Fed is Israel first. In fact our government is filled with duel US-Israeli citizens whose PRIMARY allegiance is to Israel. Due to this influence, the US fights Israel’s enemies. Israel has been caught numerous times engineering “false flag” events/”frame ups” to blame on Muslims. This way the US spends its energy, blood, and treasure. “The USS Liberty incident” is an excellent example of this.

This is a tough topic to digest as it runs concurrent to everything we’ve been programmed to believe. Everything our dominant media teaches confirms “Muslims” are evil. And “Jews” are victims.

Well, we need not watch a TV very long to recognize that it is filled with deceptions about what is important, how we are defective, and what synthetic drugs we must take to make us whole. These are all lies meant to destroy our minds, and make us domesticated.

Meanwhile, as the State offers “bread and circuses”, thousands of innocents are dying needlessly ON BOTH SIDES. Please take some time to study this deeply controversial topic. As peace activists, we advocate no violence to anyone, anywhere. We merely wish to expose the “whole truth”. And with the light of truth, we shall be set free.

Marines are stepping forward to point out how we have been lied to in order to support endless war. Peace and blessings to Jew, and gentile alike.