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Marine training to IDENTIFY the enemy.

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My Marine training tell me that to achieve victory over an adversary one must do 4 thing. 1. Identify the enemy. 2. Locate. 3. Close. Engage(peacefully)
America has spent endless, blood, treasure, and sacrifice to fight wars for freedom. But, we never end up free. The reason is we never have identified the real enemy. We have only destroyed the patsies. With technology we can finally accurately IDENTIFY the enemy. K-Roc tells us how.

Wanna see what freedom looks like? Wanna see the magical difference between a Republic and a democracy? Wanna, see why the NWO central bankers are a little uncertain if they can bring America down?

“Blood Money” a real life Halloween tale about the Federal Reserve

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Please watch the music video which we created to help explain
the evil which is perpetrated through financing from the private, international, Federal Reserve.

Turn up your speakers and have a listen!

Go to “truthbomb1″ channel for more similar videos.

Please warn your friends, families, and neighbors about the engineered depression, and

dollar collapse.

“The Truth Hammer”: 37% more truth than the competition!

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Do you know K-Roc “the Truth Hammer”?

There are many options for one to try to learn about the world and current events. Why not pick a source which deeply studies the monetary system. One which goes far further than Ron Paul? The People have been battling the “money changers” for thousands of years. Not just since 1913. is one of only a few which discusses the fraud of the Rothschild’s gold/silver standard. Did you know that NO NATION which has used silver and gold money has remained sovereign?  We talk about it. So get your friends to subscribe!

Mind control: When multiple Presidents talk about the New World Order that is normal. If we the People talk about it; that is a conspiracy theory.

Do you still have the capacity to resist tyranny? Americans have been very domesticated by design. We have been taught to blame other slaves for our enslavement just like the slave masters planned. Can the slaves learn to put their differences behind them and UNITE?

Let music from the “Uprising” inspire you! The Uprising by Muse.


Please get on to where you’ll find K-Roc the “Truth Hammer” who will be glad to speak on any topics covered on this site. He has deep knowledge of military history, gold/silver investing, usury, population control, NWO, survival construction, solar power, etc.  The link is on the tool bar.

Will you UNITE to fight the FASCIST New World Order?

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The New World Order is engineering WWIII.  The banksters do the same thing whenever their Ponzis go bust.  That’s what happened in the 30′s and 40′s. Debt based money systems MUST melt down as all Ponzis do. That is why they are illegal. Usury is mathematically unsustainable.  There is always more money owed than exists to pay it off. Get it? So, now what?

82% of any resistance campaign is fought in the mind. However, I have been Marine Corps trained to shoot and clean one the devil’s weapons of death. Unfortunately, they don’t teach us who’s financing our enemies to engineer division, hate, and war. Expect another “false flag” to get the sheep herded toward revenge.

Remember when the evil Vietnamese were our targets? Or, the blood thirsty Japanese?  How about the savage American indians?  Did you know Western central banks financed Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot etc? It’s a grand chess board for Kissenger, Rockefeller, and the Rothschilds to play with the lives of the “useless eaters.”  A place where the well meaning members of our military are pawns in a no win game.  Will the central bankers and the talking heads be fighting in this one? How about THEIR children?

Just as Jesus tells us, war, hate and division are NOT the answer. So, what is the answer? I really have spent a lot of time on this topic. The same way someone focuses on box scores, or the fantasy league football team, or just watches 4+ hours of TV a day. So, I want you to know, I really know what I’m talking about. And it’s COMPLETELY unlike anything offered by the Presstitutes on TV. Nothing like it is found on the Net either.

So, here goes. I’m going to pitch this solution to the world. Would you so kind as to give me some kind criticism?…..PING! I’m talking soul to soul now, so please LISTEN up. Can we all just drop our egos and let our spirits hear each other out? Is the phrase not true:  ”Unite, or die”? Will you sacrifice and unite for your children? Of course, probably more like a ferocious mamma bear protecting her clubs, right?

WATCH THIS!   This is me at the Occupy Denver event last weekend. Socialists and libertarians UNITED!  1000 people chanted End the Fed from the capital to the Fed office in the freezing rain. We must do more than just end the Fed. We must We are enslaved by our monetary system. Our commercial energy  is harnessed, and then used against us.

Wanna be ur own super hero? Wanna be tested with a new mission to save the world? Something really matters? Something to impress ur own self? What if I told you sincerely that I have a comprehensive plan that does not wait for a corrupt election? Essentially,
retargeting our peaceful cause to being: “Occupy Wall St and the Tea Party UNITE!”

The People now stand up together as the ” NEW Greatest Generation” and destroy the FASCIST, New World Order, central bank mafia. There is no age requirement. Wisdom is requisite! And, the courage of “Christ before the cross” is a must!

The plan is a “win-win” compromise for all factions to embrace. Then kick some bankster ass! Then have the biggest party in the history of mankind! Let’s all let our souls soar! Go big, or go home! It’s the REALITY SHOW where WE are the STAR! It could truly be the greatest story ever told.

Here is the detailed video where I break down a solution which can meet the needs of all factions. We MUST unite and win our sovereignty back. The government is NOT in charge. Wall Street is not in charge. The People are not in charge. The central bankers can buy up the biggest company on Wall Street with a click of a mouse. No energy expended. Think about that power.

That sort of power will absolutely corrupt. That sort of power MUST BE broken up. It must be locally controlled. It must be controlled by the People and not a faceless international corporate cabal. We must recognize that we live under FASCISM as government has colluded with this corporate central bank cabal to rule the world. Stand up to it my Brothers and Sisters! Make it your mission in LIFE!

Either WE do the above, or there is an alternative.  Build a bunker as I have done shown in the video below.

The biggest storm in the history of man is approaching. You better pick one option, or the other. I hope we choose to UNITE and take our power back. But, this time keep it forever.

65 second Promo: The Tea Party and Occupy Wall St UNITE!

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promo for the plan to UNITE the Occupy and Tea Party movements!

The Occupy Wall St. and Tea Party movements UNITE to resist the FASCIST, New World Order, central bank mafia which is their common enemy. It is the same enemy which their parents and grand-parents faced 70 years ago.

The New World Order has financed our division with unlimited funds that only THEY can create with no energy expended. With these funds our corporate media is used as a tool to keep the People apart and in conflict with one another.

This system allows 1% to rule 99% and keep us divided, domesticated, and docile. They do it with their controlled media which keeps the SLAVES fighting the SLAVES. To win we must IDENTIFY our common enemy which is the fascist, New World Order central bank mafia. To win we must UNITE against fascism as our parents and grand-parents did 70 years ago!

To win back our sovereignty we must control our own separate local monetary systems which are created without debt. Currently our coins are issued without the Federal Reserve, AND without usury which fund our own enslavement.

We must UNITE and defeat our common enemy. We must do this without waiting for a vote from corrupt politicians or a corrupt system.

This 1 minute trailer promotes the 1hr presentation which offers truths which very few “well informed” patriots know.

12 reasons to watch the 1 hour presentation:

1. Instant and MASSIVE debt reduction for the US and the People individually.
2. Intant end to endless wars.
3. A plan which does not rely on a vote from a corrupt system.
4. Energy independence for the US and the People INDIVIDUALLY.
5. Immediate jobs and hiring in all sectors except the MIC, Police State, and bankster minions.
6. Recovery of stolen bankster loot.
7. Immediate empowering of Jeffersonian, local economies which do not have citizens putting their economic energy behind war, hate, GMO food, fluoride, offshoring jobs, reduced standard of living, slave wages in the US and 3rd world, false flags, engineered dollar collapse and WWIII.
8. Financing for existing social programs which can later be advanced or reduced depending upon local priorities.
9. Elimination of income and property taxes as they are theft and no moral act can result.
10. Restoration of the Republic over the tyranny of the Democracy.
11. Restore the compensation of PRODUCERS, over the parasitic usurers.
12. Mortgages paid off in 7 years rather than 30 as usury is eliminated. link

Occupy Wall Street? Who Controls America? A PowerPoint

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Checkout our latest video PowerPoint:
Who Controls America?

“You Say You Want a Revolution”

Occupy Wall Street protesters are now into their 3rd week in NY. Thousands of arrests have been made, but the dominant media is trying to ignore the event. The State wants you docile and dependent and just focused on bread and circuses. The State will use all of its presstitutes to keep giving you reasons why you shouldn’t support these anarchists, commies, union thugs, Soros operatives, leftists, anti-capitalists, and just plain “smelly people”.

The State CANNOT allow the Tea Party movement people from joining this group. The State requires divide and conquer so that 1% can continue to rule 99%. So, the Tea Party movement DID GET coopted by the Republican Party. And this movement of honest protesters just like the Tea Party will be the target of central bank financed operatives from the left. But, if the People can directly interact with one another they share many complaints.

Don’t trust the dominant media to explain what the majority of the protesters want. They will find the most radical, violent, or crazy in the group so that we don’t support them. It gives us an excuse to be lazy and watch Idol, or 10 hours of football. Caring about your children’s future will take more than a vote every 2 years. These people care about their standard of living which is being destroyed by our ruling oligarch. Just like the Tea Party. These people are against bank bailouts. Just like the Tea Party. These people recognize that both political parties are corrupt and don’t represent the People. Just like the Tea Party.

“Unite or Die” Don’t let the bankers media keep us from supporting other slaves on the New World Order plantation. Glenn Beck will do all he can to keep you from uniting with these people and sharing ideas for solutions. By the way, why did Glenn Beck had the Tea Party “occupy Washington”. Why? Does anyone really think the power structure is there? Beck wants you to think the politicians are in charge. Where do the politicians get their campaign money?

On that point, let’s investigate who is really in charge of America. Should we occupy Wall Street, Whitehouse, Congress, the Federal Reserve, or elsewhere? Who is the enemy?

Checkout my PowerPoint presentation to see who’s at the top of the power pyramid. The TRUTH will surprise you. The Tea Party, Beck, the left, right, and Paul’s all have it wrong.

Have you subscribed to our blog yet. Do so and receive a free dollar collapse “survival list”! This list was compiled by individuals who survived Argentina’s peso and Soviet Union collapse. Things that are simple, cheap, and easy now will become GOLD during a collapse. What items are excellent to barter with at spontaneously created black markets which always occur during collapse? Find out by subscribing and get the list for free.

Lessons from Shawshank and Socialism

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Lessons from Shawshank and Socialism

Click the link above to view the video!


I just created this video and would like your opinion of it!

The Shawshank Redemption is an excellent movie with Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins. The movie is also an excellent metaphor for living a strong life vs dependency.

The State wants us docile, domesticated, and dependent. To someone who has been institutionalized for the majority of their life, freedom is frightening. The State has become their Daddy.

I also get into the fundamental difference between a Democracy and a Republic. Most Republicans support the State’s collective power to destroy individual, natural rights.

Please subscribe to my channel: truthbomb1

You will find more truth there than a years worth of TV viewing.