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“Crash! Are You Ready?” Podcast

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George Whitehurst Berry and Ellen Brown discuss an excellent solution to the nations economic problems. The creation of debt free money. Currently central bankers create money out of thin air WITH INTEREST. This debt based money has USURY attached to it which is fradulant. Why should they receive profit on money that they didn’t possess?

The corrupt establishment will NOT offer you this information. Please listen to the following information which can help save the economy and get people back to work without breaking the budget.

Click HERE listen 150x150 Crash! Are You Ready? Podcast to listen to the “Crash! Are You Ready?” podcast courtesy of the Genesis Communications Network.

Just like a home mortgage, the interest ends up costing twice as much as the principle. The interest should NOT be required as the lender never possessed the money at closing. This has been a massive fraud perpetrated on the American people. Allow state and local government to create DEBT FREE money for public works to help reduce unemployment.

The US is headed toward a dollar collapse. Subscribers to get a free survival guide from individuals who lived thru Argentina’s and the Soviet currency collapses.

Honest Money Cartoon – PDF

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Click HERE pdfIcon 150x150 Honest Money Cartoon   PDF to Download the Honest Money Cartoon in PDF format.

This is a 7 page teaser. The full document is 700 pages long!

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Nationwide Abolish the Federal Reserve Weekend!

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The U.S. is NOT a capitalist nation. It is a cartel dominated nation. We have a money cartel run by international banksters from the Federal Reserve which control our media and political cartels. The banksters use counterfeit money to control our society with our own defacto slave labor. We support our own demise. As the Fed creates more currency, it steals the value of the money in your pocket. It matters not whether a guy in a basement counterfeits or if a cartel of private banks do so. The People are injured equally by loss of private property.

The politicians love it because a “fiscal conservative” Republican never has to vote for a tax increase while he still gets the pork for his cronies. They are PRETEND conservatives. This is NEARLY all of them. The government libs don’t even pretend to not want to spend OTHER people’s money. But, their lie is that the money is going to the People. It is NOT. The vast amount of money from both parties is going to banks and big corporations and cartels.

The counterfeiter decides who gets the loot. Those who kiss up to the counterfeiter get the most. The People are the losers as their standard of living collapses with the slow purposeful death of the dollar. This is evidenced by gold setting all time highs week after week. Gold is NOT going up. The counterfeiter is working overtime, thus the dollar is going down.

The media and politicians all support this system as they rarely talk about the Federal Reserve. They are in “bed with the Fed”. This same confidence game is played out across the globe as the banksters rule the world. Americans are starting to wake up to the fact that they are being Punk’d.

When the dollar collapses it will be even more obvious the the international banksters were the REAL terrorists. Fortunately, as a reader of you don’t have to be in the dark. Additionally, you can get in the street and start to take on the corrupt cartel system. This weekend is your chance. Nationwide End the Fed. weekend is here.

End the Fed 11.22.09

If you live in the Tampa Bay area, we will be at the End the Federal Reserve Protest. Saturday, November 21, 2009 at the Clearwater Courthouse 11-2PM. The ESTABLISHMENT media will not tell you about such events. Hence the term: “the Revolution will NOT be televised.” The establishment will offer Tea Parties such as the 9.12.09 event which are controlled protests offered by the “loyal opposition”. The loyal opposition will NEVER threaten the corrupt system which sponsors it.

The loyal opposition is there to capture the People and give them an outlet to express their rage over government corruption. The loyal opposition will later offer their own set of globalist bankster controlled puppet politicians. This is how real Revolution/change is controlled.

America lives in tyranny. The globalist banksters have their way with us. Most Americans want: to end the wars, industry to return to the US, borders to be sealed, banks that speculate and lose to fail, to keep their standard of living, to repeal the Patriot Acts, and for the US to regain its sovereignty. What the People want does not matter. The politicians answer to the counterfeiter. The counterfeiter can ALWAYS pay more.

The controlled corporate talking heads will always endeavor to conceal these truths. They may flame a mini-devil from time to time, but recognize that they are confidence men too. They will continue to have power because Americans trust them.
Fortunately for them, the talking heads don’t have to lie. All they must do is omit the information about how the system is controlled.

If you can’t make a End the Fed protest. Make sure you begin to plan for the collapse of the dollar. If you subscribe to this site, you get 3 free survival guides from those who made it thru the Soviet and Argentinian currency collapses. So, sign up!
The guides are very interesting to read.

HQ – 20 Minutes with the President

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20 Minutes with the President (Low Quality)

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Twenty Minutes with the President – Music Video

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Music Video for Charlie Sheen’s “Twenty Minutes with the President”

Fox News allows architect’s discussion of 9.11 truth!

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Richard Gage and 800 other architects and engineers question the official story from 9.11. They take away the emotion and use scientific method to evaluate forensic evidence. Do you remember 8th grade science? Can one recreate the results? What happened that day has NEVER happened before or since. Steel framed buildings(designed to be impacted by plane) collapsed due to fire. Watch the videos and see what your eyes tell you. Remove the emotions of anger, fear, and rage and just evaluate impartially.

Documentary made by Pilots for 9.11 truth about the Pentagon hoax.