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65 second Promo: The Tea Party and Occupy Wall St UNITE!

October 10, 2011 by  
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promo for the plan to UNITE the Occupy and Tea Party movements!

The Occupy Wall St. and Tea Party movements UNITE to resist the FASCIST, New World Order, central bank mafia which is their common enemy. It is the same enemy which their parents and grand-parents faced 70 years ago.

The New World Order has financed our division with unlimited funds that only THEY can create with no energy expended. With these funds our corporate media is used as a tool to keep the People apart and in conflict with one another.

This system allows 1% to rule 99% and keep us divided, domesticated, and docile. They do it with their controlled media which keeps the SLAVES fighting the SLAVES. To win we must IDENTIFY our common enemy which is the fascist, New World Order central bank mafia. To win we must UNITE against fascism as our parents and grand-parents did 70 years ago!

To win back our sovereignty we must control our own separate local monetary systems which are created without debt. Currently our coins are issued without the Federal Reserve, AND without usury which fund our own enslavement.

We must UNITE and defeat our common enemy. We must do this without waiting for a vote from corrupt politicians or a corrupt system.

This 1 minute trailer promotes the 1hr presentation which offers truths which very few “well informed” patriots know.

12 reasons to watch the 1 hour presentation:

1. Instant and MASSIVE debt reduction for the US and the People individually.
2. Intant end to endless wars.
3. A plan which does not rely on a vote from a corrupt system.
4. Energy independence for the US and the People INDIVIDUALLY.
5. Immediate jobs and hiring in all sectors except the MIC, Police State, and bankster minions.
6. Recovery of stolen bankster loot.
7. Immediate empowering of Jeffersonian, local economies which do not have citizens putting their economic energy behind war, hate, GMO food, fluoride, offshoring jobs, reduced standard of living, slave wages in the US and 3rd world, false flags, engineered dollar collapse and WWIII.
8. Financing for existing social programs which can later be advanced or reduced depending upon local priorities.
9. Elimination of income and property taxes as they are theft and no moral act can result.
10. Restoration of the Republic over the tyranny of the Democracy.
11. Restore the compensation of PRODUCERS, over the parasitic usurers.
12. Mortgages paid off in 7 years rather than 30 as usury is eliminated. link


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  1. D40 says:

    Your link does not work. Youtube says “This video is Private – Sorry”

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