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Monetary Reform Tele-Summit Saturday 1PM Eastern. How we can win in less than 1 yr.

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Live stream: usuryFree Jubilee Tele-Summit across 3 continents.

Time: 1PM Eastern. 11AM Mtn.

Why watch? Monetary reform can emancipate humanity in less than a year. Since our true enemy is simply fear; there’s no technical reason why we can’t win very quickly. Please click on the link and submit questions you may have!

Definitions: usury = money monopoly forbidden by the Jesus & Mosaic law. Jubilee = debt forgiveness & return of stolen land along with the rebirth of human self-determination.

Click on the link to register for the Tele-Summit where you can ask questions about how to implement the usuryFree Jubilee.

This is a path for humanity to win emancipation in less than a year.

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