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Monetary Reform Tele-Summit Saturday 1PM Eastern. How we can win in less than 1 yr.

Live stream: usuryFree Jubilee Tele-Summit across 3 continents. Time:... 

Hours are a Fixed Unit Value for Money for Stable Economics

In order to have a stable economy, we need a stable monetary system. In order to... 

Christian Money: Believe in yourself and issue Money!

usury: money monopoly of issuance by the elite. Usurpation usuryFree: money issued... 

After 100 Years of the Fed; when will we use Christ’s plan to beat the Banksters?

Whanna beat the Banksters? For real? “In order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven;... 

The People get a small victory* over the banksters!”

The People get a victory* over the banksters! “Usury(love of money) is the... 

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Our Censored Videos – Alternative Sources

Not all of our videos survive the test of censorship. Some have to be posted on alternative... 

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Alan Grayson ◄ Back Next ► Picture... 

Vlad – “The Struggle”

Vlad on Facebook Visit Vlad’s Website We are pleased to announce the debut... 


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Most Americans have never heard about the collapse of World Trade Center #7. WTC #7 was a 47 story building which was not hit by a plane and with only minor office fires collapsed into its own footprint at about 5:20 9.11.01. View for yourself how this building fell at free fall speed consistent with [...]

Agenda 21

Posted on 10.30.09

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Stand By Me

Posted on 10.15.09

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Bankster Paradise

Posted on 10.15.09

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