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7 Reasons Christians Should Try Cannabis: Spiritual Sacrament

  Free 20 page PDF: Top 7 Reasons Christians Should Try Cannabis as a Spiritual... 

“Bible Beats Banksters” Free PDF on Biblical Money

Our ancient ancestors suffered as usurped, oppressed, broke, debt slaves as we do... 

“The Kingdom Dream: from Bank Colony to Art Colony.” Download podcast for paradigm shift!

  Don’t miss “The Kingdom Dream” audio. Humanity needs a... 

GROUNDBREAKING! usuryFree Jubilee Podcast!

    “How long will they kill our Prophets”…. “Until... 

Monetary Reform Tele-Summit Saturday 1PM Eastern. How we can win in less than 1 yr.

Live stream: usuryFree Jubilee Tele-Summit across 3 continents. Time:... 

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Our Censored Videos – Alternative Sources

Not all of our videos survive the test of censorship. Some have to be posted on alternative... 

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Vlad – “The Struggle”

Vlad on Facebook Visit Vlad’s Website We are pleased to announce the debut... 


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Most Americans have never heard about the collapse of World Trade Center #7. WTC #7 was a 47 story building which was not hit by a plane and with only minor office fires collapsed into its own footprint at about 5:20 9.11.01. View for yourself how this building fell at free fall speed consistent with [...]

Agenda 21

Posted on 10.30.09

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Stand By Me

Posted on 10.15.09

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Bankster Paradise

Posted on 10.15.09

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